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I shop regularly at the Internaional Falls Menards store.I buy most of my household and building materials there.Alot of the products come with a rebate,you're suppose to mail in.I've done this quite a few times,i've stopped sending them in,as it is a waste of time and stamps,i've also stopped buying anything on sale that includes icludes a rebate to get the actual sale price.I spent over $2,000 in one day for Christmas,it may not be alot to you,but Canadians make upfor alot of sales across the boarder in the Falls our purchases should be treated equally with American purchases.I think if we and our buying power are'nt wanted,let us know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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ha ha i love to hear canadians *** if it is such an inconvenience for you to shop down here then go home and pay full price for it up there other wise get a life and learn to drive


I've given up on this, but i will still shop at menards.The only difference will be i'll no longer buy products that include rebates as part of the sale price.


Try contacting that is the company that handles all of our rebates. Also make sure you are make copies of everything before you are sending it.

As stated above if they cannot read it they cannot send it. You also have the option on the website to track your rebate and if it does not come up you can email them.


What you need to do is look up the store manager and ask for a seat at the next grievence tribunal. When it is your turn to speak, surely they will look into this ridiculous rebate business and give you your cash back!


Most of the time when sending in rebates, it has everything to do with the handwriting. Most people will say they have good penmanship, but it really isn't clear to someone else.

We write fast and an "a" looks like an "o", "q" like "g", etc. This affects what name, address sent etc. You might try to check online, but if they couldn't read your info and input it in their system incorrectly, you can't track it. The best way is to write clearly in all Caps.

I have used the rebate system for many years and the only time I ever had an issue is when I didn't write clearly and in capital letters. I had my wife look at my copy and she said, "well, *** I can't read it either!"


sorry for the screwed up message,i ment if another is responsible for sending out the rebates,their name should be mentioned.I still fell since menards is offering the rebates it's up to them to make sure they are being mailed to their costomers to make sure they keep comming back.


so why is there no other company name mentioned for rebate contacts?I fell if menards is offering the rebates, they should make shure they are being mailed to their being mailed out to there costomers,only makes good bussiness sence.I now only by products on sale that do not include rebates.So other items i need i'll buy elsewere.


the rebates used to be cash. alot of places used to have cash rebates, but if you do instore credit, you get your customer to come back. also menards has another company that sends you the rebates so if your not getting your rebates its not menards fault.


Thank you For the comment Bob Guy. I know that the rebates are for instore credit,i don't mind that because i shop there alot.I would just like to receive the rebates.I read some of the other menards complaints and comments on them,i'm not one to jump up and down yelling about things.I've shopped at menrds for years and finaly had to say something about not ever receiving a single rebate.


Re so-called "Rebates," what a joke. An actual rebate gets you money back after the

purchase. Menard's "rebate" is a store credit

which must be redeemed at another visit to one

of their stores. I'm wearing out my remote

by muting and/or changing channels when their

commercials come on. Can't stand to listen to

them any more.