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I recently purchased 9 rolls of Johns Manville insulation at Menards because it offered a $5 in-store rebate for each roll.I loaded the 9 rolls into my car and realized that I could fit in about 4 more rolls of insulation.

I had two receipts, one rebate form, and all of the UPC's, which I mailed to the GLS companies who handles the rebates along with a letter stating the reason I had two receipts. The rebate form stated that it would apply only to one receipt.

Well, I received my $20 in-store rebate check for only 4 rolls of insulation.They totally ignored the receipt for the other 9 rolls.

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I have sent i alot of rebates. I have not got any thing back and its been to long to do anything the store said

Gary, Indiana, United States #1270490

I have sent in several rebates with Menard's 11% rebate.Several large purchases, I have yet to receive these rebates.

These purchases were made in October of 2016 and I have had other purchases with were made in November and I have received them already and not the big ones.I hope this is not a scam!!!


I purchased a lamp during the 11%sale paid online I didn't get receipt.I sent in the receipt from my order.

Receipt from the store I picked it up from,I got my rebate for everything else but not the lamp.Greg


I did read it and still have my receipts and one if the rebate papers cause I always yet off more than one and I also made sure the day I bought them if there was any limits and there was non.I only bought 4 and only because they was gonna be free .

Then only get two of them back .

I am upset and I know they do this to people because not all people would keep all their proof as I do.But they owe me .


Ya I believe ya . I been waiting on one where I bought several different things and the socks I only bought them because tey were free after rebate but they sent me 11.98 of the 23.98 I was suppose to get . Now what do I do ???


I NEVER do reviews but felt the need to speak.I found this as I was checking on rebates I sent in.

Which according to what I looked up are in process. I have shopped at Menards for several years. I have received several hundred dollars in rebates. I have sent many in one envelope, I have ALWAYS received my rebate.

What I have learned is you need to watch for the rebate limits for items purchased and the date you need to send them in. I don't think it is up to cashiers or anyone at the store to tell you when they are due by. It is easily read on the rebate. There are SO many rebates.

I mean it does not get much easier, I slap an address label on and send them right away so I do not forget. I LOVE these rebates.

It may seem silly to give a "rebate" which is only good on items at their store, but there is always something I need.Just wanted to add my 2 cents.

Bedford, Indiana, United States #713031

BESURE to check your so called REBATES..........! The store or the ad in the paper does not tell you that you have ONLY (2) days to get this done!!!!!!!!!!!We just lost $25.00, because we weren't advised of it, which in my opinion sucks!!!!!!!SALES GIMMICK. No more sales to us,we buy at Lowe's


You mad, bro?


You're all idiots... read the rules before you play


There are 2 reasons we've spent a great deal of money at Menards over the past year; the products we've purchased are very credible and they are accompanied by some very money saving rebates.For 9 months we've never experienced any problems with receiving our rebates.

That recently has changed, as we have been shorted over $18.00. Because of this shortage, I have had the opportunity to read many comments about others' in the same position as I. For Gods sake, how sad that a company as large as Menards hasn't the credibility to honor these rebates. Just think of the money Menards is saving by their irresponsible behavior.

Isn't this the same thing as 'stealing'?We R done with Menards

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