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I've read many negative and disappointing reviews. It's very sad these experiences have happened to customers and employees.

A class action suit should be filed for denying or short-changing legal breaks/lunches! Walmart was sued for that. I agree not all stores are the same or all staff within stores behave the same. In the lighting/fan section, 90% of the time I'm asked if I need help (usually just looking.

Seems help is where I don't need it and not where I do!). I've struggled to find help or someone to ask a question of on multiple occasions, at several of the northern suburban Minneapolis stores. Perhaps because emploees are so poorly treated and worn out that they don't care? Or give the great customer service that a 'well treated' employee would?

Recently I had back surgery that failed and I struggle to walk and my arms intermittantly go numb. At a recent visit, one staffer saw me apparently looking as exhausted as I felt, and struggling to push my full cart out of the store. She stopped what she was doing, approached me with compassion and respect and asked to help. I said I saw she was busy and her response was "nothing is as important as you, our valued customer.

I WANT to help, please let me". She took the cart of purchases not only TO my car, but she put them INTO the car for me! Arranging them so nothing would break or roll around. She was an angel!

Most of this good service occurs at Menards in Golden Valley, MN. However another visit a few weeks after that pleasant experience, the same attention and compassion was absent. The ONLY motorized cart was being used, so I struggled to get the store wheelchair out from behind other equipment, while 3 'Returns' cashiers stared 4 ft away as I fought to push, pull, move other items, use a numb arm to keep my purse from falling, etc. as they dealt with the rare customer and talked to each other-but never offered any type of help or explanations (I realize I could have asked.

I'm struggling to cope/accept my new disabilities-no offense to those with disability-I can't do what I used to & need to seek help. It's my issue, I know.) I finally got it out from behind other items, figured out how to open the cart portion to get in, and wheeled it to the turnstyle...only to realize I couldn't get it through! There was no other way to get in, besides wheeling to the opposite end of the store. Again, staff was all around watching me struggle, sweat and nearly in tears, as I wheeled back to where I began.

I got out and walked around the store instead (painful but too pissed to care) to get 1/2 of the planned items and checked out. I realize the staff probably couldn't leave their posts, but could have told me the wheelchair wouldn't fit through or how to open it to get into it.

Finding what I needed wasn't easy because no staff were in the aisles! Guess they were all at the return desk!

Before I became temporarily disabled, treatment was good & bad, mostly in trying to find something, get it down from a high shelf or answering questions no one was ever available. I like the store and there was another staffer who offered to help me get rebate slips and if I needed help carrying the few light bags I had. I'm grateful for the kind, thoughtful and helpful people. But now understand why some don't seem to care and ignore the customers.

The company needs to step up, train, treat employees well & give full time off for breaks/meals. Employees need to do their best, go beyond the basics, and feel supported by competent management.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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