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Been waiting 3months for a rebate of over $420.00 but have not received. I tracked it and it said a check was issued a month ago.

I call BS on that. Emailed them to cancel original and send another.

Im doubting the 1st check was ever sent and doubting they honor my request of sending another. *** menards and f***rebates international.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Don't believe you get checks. Just in store credit. So don't know why they would say they sent out a check


Bet you got it and threw it away. If you were expecting a check in an envelope you will never see it.

The rebate comes in the form of a post card.

You may have thought it was junk mail and threw it away. If they didn't send out the rebate do you think the promotion would be popular enough for them to keep running it?


They keep the promotion because every time a customer is ripped off or shortchanged a rebate it's an extra 11% net profit for john menard.


Not even close to how businesses work. Edumacation right?

Rebates international gives you money(in-store credit) for purchasing specific product from Menards. Menards pays Rebates International a rate for this service. If you get it and do not spend it or if you do not get it, it is actually harmful to Menards.

The only reason is to get you to come back. *Explosion* Mind=blown So where does Menards Inc land ahead in this grand plan of yours again?


Menards = Rebates International. The mailing address is for a Post office box in a town called Elk Mound, Wisconsin which is literally a short baseball throw far from menard's headquarters in Eau Claire.

The rebates international webpage shows a picture of a large 4 floor building which would never exist the tiny village of Elk mound with a population of 878 as of 2010. The "Rebates International" name is poorly photoshopped into the top left corner of a preexisting picture of a building.

Also Anon if rebates international is indeed "international" name one other company this company services rebates processing for other then menards. Rebates International is just a menard's division solely intended to "blow off" customers


Millions of people that do not have the bad luck of having a deceitful mail carrier or other millions of things that can go wrong with anything that happens in this large land that many of you refer to as Coporate America can contest to rebates not existing. Any basic education would allow one to understand any regular business in America and how they work.

As well as the level of necessity retail organizations provide not only to consumers as a whole but also the economy in general.

Read a book. I do not really care about this specific instance of ignorance but what I do care about is the lack of knowledge in consumer economics in a consumer driven country on the scale of the entire country.