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I bought carpet and pad from Menards and used my Menards Charge Card. I got a rebate and filled it out and sent it in.

I received the rebate in the mail which states "in store only" and also states "you cannot apply the rebate to your Menards card". If Menards is going to advertise rebates, they should state up front "in store rebate only". A rebate is a check to spend however you want - not only at Menards. I wanted to put the money back on my Menards card for the carpet purchase.

Menards won't let you do this either. Once Menards gets your money, they won't give it back. I have never heard of an "in store only" rebate. A rebate is supposed to be used however a consumer wants.

Menards should state up front (not on the rebate check only) that you cannot use it to pay for the purchase made on THEIR charge card. This is utterly ridiculous!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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So agree!! We expected a rebate as in money!!

In store credit is a joke!!

Not to mention it takes forever if at all and they try to hide it in a small postcard that advertises something so you don’t even know it came from them!! De eptive practices I say!


most places I know do in store only... I agree that they should let you put it towards your credit card.

whats the big deal right they are still getting the money.

Thats why you must read the fine print. seems like this should only be a big issue if you dont get stuff at menards often.


in store merchandise credit is what the fed trade should only allow. It is not a rebate as consumers know it.

menards circumvent this by addition of the words above.

if you use common sense the so-called-rebate entails a profit margin on the rebate use itself. :(


Amazing! Use the rebate check to buy other items and get a rebate check. Keep using their money for free items.


Menards DOES state in their sale ad that "rebate is in form of a store credit" or something like that.. They Do tell you.


Go to Home Depot for your supplies. You get a much better selection and better quality at the same price or lower.

They do not play games with their customers like menards does.

They will also sell the same or comparable product at the manards advertised price.


Most place I go have a in store rebate. Actually I have never seen a cash back rebate at a store, but I'm not saying there aren't.

It will say in the add, on the sign, on the rebate that the rebate is in the form of in store credit. If your too *** to read then it's your own falt.

Plus you're saying you can't spend the money at Menards. They have pretty much every thing you need.


Former customer. If you pay by check and return the goods, you don't get refund for 15 days.

Even though the receipt states that the funds are electronically transmitted. They are using you money for a free loan. Mail in rebates are mail in credits. What a rip off.

Very poor business policy. Can do without me.


This one is a joke, right? You chose not to read whats everywhere and then you actually GRIPE about getting anything -ANYTHING!!!- back for something you were going to buy anyway?

Please..do us all a favor and shop at walmart. They return anything regardless of their own rules, they screw the small businesses that sell to them, they own companies to build their stock- to *** with made in america, eh?-and they dont offer any kind of money back. In store or otherwise.

And youd begrudge an american owned and operated business the opportunity to get you back to shop in their store by GIVING you something they dont have to give. You pinhead.


The fact that it is a merchadise credit towards perchaise to the store is stated near every item in the flyer with a rebate, on the rebate sign, an on the rebate you wrote your name and address on to get back the rebate.

not sure what else you could ask for short of neon signs...


The fact that it is a merchadise credit towards perchaise to the store is stated near every item in the flyer with a rebate, on the rebate sign, an on the rebate you wrote your name and address on to get back the rebate.

not sure what else you could ask for short of neon signs...


If you read the ads it states the rebate will be in the form of a merchandise credit. Also...I noticed that the sale signs say the same information.

And...in regards to not being able to use the rebate on your credit card?...seriously?...Do you shop anywhere at all?...NO place will allow you to use a rebate/instore credit to pay a credit card bill for a previous purchase.

So long story short...make yourself a better consumer and read before you buy :)


The rebate is just added savings... don't complain, be happy you get anything. They sell groceries, laundry detergent, batteries, light bulbs, and a million other things you could use that credit check for even if your not redoing your house


In this day and age with the way the economy is i believe people should recieve cash for the rebates instead of in store stuff. I shop at your *** store enough but do not like being forced to go there because of the rebate is merchandise only.

I might just take my business to LOWES or HOME DEPOT.

As for the person who wrote comment #1 i would say you're full of it, they are hiding it because you don't know the terms of the rebate until after you purchase and get the right rebate form. Menards should advertise the rebate policy in their weekly ads.


Read the rebate details. They say the rebate is in the form of a merchandise credit check. They aren't hiding anything.


Big cards are handled by a seperate company and every corporation in the United States issues in store rebates, like ShopKo and OfficeMax.