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We purchased over 780.00 in building materials on the 11% rebate program. Our rebate amount was suppose to be 71.48.

I was sent a check for 4.48. I inquired about the other 67.00 and I was told that I was only entitled to 4.48. Someone cannot do the math. The argued (thru e-mail) .

They would not make it right....Even the website said my rebate about was suppose to be 71.48. And it showed the check they sent was for 4.48....Whoever recieved my e-mail obviosly didn't even review it... You can't talk to a person.

The cheat a lot of people and in my opinion it must be on purpose. This was wrong and I will never shop there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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Rebates were a huge issue when I would cashier and work them as returns. Many guests would complain that they deserve a full refund if they don't have their slip.

We could use the rebate tracker on our available website to see if guests actually turned in their slips. Most would come up and they were just trying to get more money. But many disgruntled people would ask me if I as a cashier did the rebates and I would often tell them no. The *** merchandise they linked these things to was almost hilarious.

Like the Perfect Mop. It costed 5.00 and the rebate was worth 5 dollars, often these things would break and since you sent in your rebate slip attached to the receipt, we couldn't take it back.


Rebates are given so that the store honors the discount the manufacture wants for there product. Unfortunatly, it doesn;t always work well for the consumer.

I photocopy everything I send in. Even then, I get accused of not sending in everything needed.

Most companys outsource there rebates. A little known fact is that if these places can refuse the rebate, they make more! Somple as that. I've gotten about 75% of the rebates I've sent in.

I no longer purchase anythign that has a rebate.


I don't shop at Menards I go 2 blocks down the road to HomeDepo where they give me 10% off on anything i buy. I find most Menard Rep's are just like the last poster!


That's too bad for the OP. I feel for him.

I have gotten every rebate I sent in for from Menard's, but I have to admit the first time I got the check back in the form of a Menards Gift Cert. I was a little surprised. The ads were misleading, I thought I was getting back a check to cash (like most MIR's), but instead they pull me back into the store to spend the certificate on stuff I DON'T need!!

Well, money, here, there, better than nothing.


I have been getting rebate merchandise receipts for years and have always gotten the exact amounts that I expected, some of them being in the hundreds of dollars. My only complaint is that they are sent thru the mail system without being enclosed in an envelope and anyone could steal them and use them at any Menards because I've never had a cashier ask for identification when I've used them to purchase something.


I agree with Anonymous. I show on my statement: Congratuations!!

You have earned a $60.98 Rebate on your Menards BIG Card. Its too bad that my rebate was only for $56.98.

While its for only $4.00, it kindof makes you wonder about the rest of their accounting. Recommend that we all start reviewing our Statements better!


It's really not that difficult to send for and receive rebates from Menards or any other company. When dealing with a business, it is best to be prepared for the interaction: receipts and other pertinent paperwork in hand, know what you want, be ready to express your expectations, and know that being impatient and yelling demands will not help you or the person who is talking to you about your problem.


That math doesn't add up. Try telling the truth, then maybe somebody would believe you.


If you want to know how John Menard got to be filthy rich check the Eau Clair Wi court records.

In the 1970's he was convicted of sanding off

the "seconds" stamping on countertops and selling

them as firsts.


Did you remember to send the correct half of the receipt in?

Or did ya forget ya ***