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I've had many issues with Menards. I don't shop there cause they don't guarantee their products.

They can't admit when they are wrong and give their customer the service they need . Bad Customer Service.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Menards did my kitchen design but I opted to buy my appliances somewhere else. When I was buying the appliances I called the designer and asked her for certain measurements.

It was crystal clear that the appliances would fit. Turns out they didn't .

When the designer was called on it and asked to provide an additional panel to complete the project at no cost to me.

She got her manager involved and they opted to not help. Her comments was "you should of bought the appliances here"


Why should they give you a panel at no charge? If the appliances you bought were smaller that what was on the plan you were given when you ordered the cabinets it isn't their fault.


Customer Service !


Customer service doesn't mean giving the store away.


You seem to be confused as to who is responsible for backing products. It is the manufacturer who is responsible for the warranties on products, not the retail stores.

How the warranty is handled is set by the manufacturer.

They may allow an over the counter exchange at the retail store, they may require you ship the product back to them for replacement, they might require the product be shipped or taken to a service center for repair. If you have an issue with how a product is backed, you should be complaining about the manufacturer, not the retailer.


Who's confused here?