Casco, Wisconsin

We purchased a Poulan Pro 21" snow thrower "On Sale" in October for $399. We were told it had much more power than a 2 cycle thrower.

Our first snowfall came December 8th. About two inches of light fluffy snow. We started it up and it vibrated like it was going to come apart. We checked everything and it was all tight.

Started it again and tried to blow the snow. It will not handle the snow it throws in front of to the side. It slows way down and leaves a trail of snow on each side. We were sure there was something wrong with it.

So we returned to Menards and they said they could not take it back because it was over 30 days old! I asked why they would put something on sale so early in the year if we had very little chance of using it for two months? then I explained it did not run right. they said we had to take it to a "service center".

We took it to the service dealer and were told "that is just the way it is. It is not and expensive snow thrower, just a motor and paddle." There was nothing they could do. He said maybe we should try to sell it and buy a better one. They said it has a two year warranty and if it breaks they will give us another one.

I said "it doesn't throw the snow". He said I know they are not very good. That will be the last time I buy equipment from Menards. Sears and Lowes both said they would have taken it back and given us a credit on a better snow blower.

the worst part is they now have it on sale again for $319.

Monetary Loss: $399.

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Don't buy any power equipment with a cheap motor made in China. You got exactly what you paid for...a cheap piece of junk that won't last.


Unfortunatley you don't seem to know the facts. 100% of all snow thrower engines are built in China.

Briggs & Stratton, LCT Snow King, Subaru, Honda, Craftsman, etc.

100%! It's not the engine in this case, its the auger housing being out of alignment due to being out of square or a broken bearing.


Hey snojob, your a real joke! I Know engines and where they are manufactured and why you like china is beyond me.

Sounds like your just making excuses for sub standard engines. WAKE UP!


"We were told it had much more power than a 2 cycle thrower." Menards does not carry any 2-cycle snow throwers unless you're confused between that and 2-stage. In which case they are totally different. 2-cycle would be referencing to the mixing of gas and oil. 2-stage refers to the augers on a snow thrower; one sucks it in the other throws it out.

The funny thing is they all come with a power rating in the form of CC's you can easily tell which one is more powerful based off of that. The next way to know if the unit is more capable is weather or not it's a single stage or a two stage.

You purchased a single stage which overall has less ability and power than a two stage unit has. You also failed to understand the return policy on gas powered equipment 30 days, would be false. Only way you would have 30 days is if you did not put gas into it. Once you put gas into it, it must go to a repair shop and will be covered under warranty as long as it's not a consumer caused issues or considered a wear part. This is the manufactures recommendation. Menards has had manufactures walk away from them for taking to many returns on their items. 99% of all Manufactures want you to contract them and never bring stuff back to the store if you have an issue.

Finally does not matter what you were told. It's your job as a consumer to educate yourself before making a big purchase. Whoever told you that either was the wrong source or you misunderstood what they were saying. I suggest google :).