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I am 58 years old, a female and have a bad back. I went to Menards in Ottumwa today to get some lumber for my husband.

I told the person checking me into the outside lot that I did need help loading the lumber. I found the treated lumber and waited and waited. Finally I sorted and loaded 20 8' 2x4's myself - still no help. I then loaded 5 of the 7 8' treated 4x6's when a kid finally came over after I yelled at him as he was driving around on his forklift.

I then asked if I had to load the 14 bags of concrete mix myself and he said no, he would help me. Suddenly (now that nearly everything was loaded) four young men showed up and have a *** ol' time loading the concrete mix - only to break one in the back of the pickup. When I checked out at the guard house, I told the young man there that I was unhappy that I had to load nearly everything myself. He mad absolutely no comment or apology.

On the way home, I called the manager of the store and complained. I hung up before he could comment.

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If you have a bad back why did you go to a self service home center rather than a full service lumber yard? The discount stores like Menards have lower prices because they don't have an employee to hold the hand of every customer that enters the store.

Yes, there are people that can ASSSIST you but it may not be as quick as you wish. These people are also helping other customers, building loads for deliveries that other customers have paid for and unloading the truckloads of materials needed to keep the store in stock. Theses people also get around the yard and handle material on forklifts. Why on earth would you yell at the person that came to help you because they were riding on a forklift?

If it were me I would have gotten back on the forklift and left you standing there.

Your maturity really shows when you hung up on the manager before he could comment. What a waste of a phone call.


I love Menards. I frequent 4 different ones in my area of Wi.

Employees are helpful. Occasionally you find an old codger who cant help much but usually if YOU TREAT THEM RIGHT they are great.


For the most part, I have had very good luck with Menards. I normally trade at the Morris IL store.

The one thing that gets me hot , is purchasing a product , only to find a year or two later they changed suppliers. Vinyl siding, vinyl fence, and certain types of Dutch Boy Paints are a few of the items. When trying to replace a product a few years old it makes it more difficult. However, they seem to always come to an agreement and special order it for me!

It does take some patients on my part, because it doesn't happen overnight! So, if you really need it, and it's discontinued, start by talking to the store manager, I truly believe he will do his best to help out!


Why are you, 58 with a "bad back", picking up lumber for your husband? does not sound right to me.

It is very frustrating when old bags like you yell at us because you cant pick up a 2x4. I'm sure you didn't see the many "SELF SERVICE YARD" signs either. next time your going somewhere to pick up stuff that is too heavy for you to handle bring you husband...or a friend.

don't rely on us to do your work. lazy


Here's some information for you mam. The employees that work the lumberyard gate entrance are not Menards employees, are not paid by Menards,and probably have no idea where any of the lumber/construction products are in the yard.

I would assume the different uniforms that do not have a menard logo on them would give that away. Duh.


Perhaps you weren't the only person needing help at the time you arrived. The person that helped you may well have been loading product for another customer.

Unfortunatley when hed did get there you were extreemly rude and yelled at him for not getting there quicker. Sure makes a person want to get out there and help the next customer.


People want human interest stories, like the one you did yesterday.


While the team members should have helped you, you also showed your maturity level by hanging up on the manager. How is he supposed to take anything that you had to say seriously when you don't take his time seriously enough to allow him a conversation. You would think that after 58 years of life, you would have learned something....I guess not.