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I recently bought a new sink and choose to go to Menards-low prices right? Not the holland Menards that I went to, doesn't even give you your receipt together w/ your change, or puts it in to the bag, like any other store you go to.

That day I happened to be in a hurry and forgot to grab my receipt,at the end where you bag your items, I went back less than 1 hr. later and they told me that they would look for it, they didn't even give me a choice to go and find it but told me "one of there employees would find it." After waiting for ever they tell me that they could not find it and would only give me the minimum price that the computer gave them. "it's there policy and they can't do anything." or another way to say it is "there trying to rip you off 10-20 bucks because you don't have a receipt and you paid in cash." they should have a sign that says don't pay in cash or will rip you off if you don't have a receipt for Any reason.

Or they should just have a sign that says don't forget ur receipt by the door but, they don't have one. I simply cannot trust a store that rips its customers off and will get rid of my Menards card there, if I were u shopping there pay with Menards cards so you can trace your purchase, because if u pay in cash,and loose or forget your receipt, you'll get ripped off-for sure.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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this is the standard policy at every retail outlet ever.... no receipt then you get the lowest sale price...

your excuses are pretty lame,,, they didn't "hand you the receipt with the change" .. you sound like a tool .. so you buy something just to return it an hour later ??

and you forgot to grab the receipt .. you should be mad at yourself for being a dumfuk

retail worker 123

So, what should be done is that Menards should not offer receipts, that would make it so much easier. Because apparently no record of purchase is the norm, and people can just return things at will. Thank you so much, now I get it.....


I am guessing it would cost to much for menards to change the POS program to record phone numbers like HD and Lowe's. O wait then they couldn't screw over the customers as easily.


@Irritated Maybe you should just hire a personal shopper to help you with your shopping. Or hire someone to do it for you. That will save you time and frustration. I just don't understand why people expect a person to assist them everywhere they go. If you are unable to figure out what you need to buy by yourself hire someone to do it for you. Do your own research before you come to the store. Ask about the return policy (it is stated on the back of the receipt. I understand you are too busy to read it, but when it comes to returning you will *** for 30 mins over $3)

Returning without a receipt: There is no proof of purchase. As far as the cashier is concerned it could be a stolen item. They offer you the lowest sale price (Guess what? They don't know how much you paid for it since you don't have your receipt) Most of the people just make up prices and they argue that they paid $5 for an item that is $1.

New return policy: Bring an old lightbulb back, tell them you paid $50, get cash back, go spend it at McDonalds. Logical isn't it?


You are so dumb, for real, you are so dumb.




Like Highrollinwooded said.... Are you really that lazy/careless to want a bagger for 2-10 items on average?

It will only raise your prices by having to pay more employees. This all falls on the soul responsibility of the consumer.


Try to return something to your friendly Meijer without a receipt. They won't even take it back.

Plus, Menards is the only store that I have ever seen that has a computer available for the customers to look up a receipt when the purchase was made with a check or credit card.

With all the scammers out there I can see why they require a receipt! Get over it.


Is it really that hard or that much of an inconvience to bag your own stuff?? Would you rather pay higher prices at the competitors so they can bag for you....really??

As far as grabbing your receipt, I know that I make sure when my transaction is complete at ANY store, that they either hand me my receipt or put it in the bag. I do NOT leave the store without it!!

It is called customer responsibility, and is not hard to get into the habit of doing! If you are that careless, I suggest you start using a credit/debit card or a check, as they can then track it for your irresponsible ***!!!!


No, it's not the customer's fault. Menard's is yet another store that puts more of it's job onto the customer...

bag your own stuff, take your own receipt, swipe yourself...

Gee, why not follow the lazy-grocery-store way and put in a full-on automated, customer-do-everything line? Another example of deteriorating customer service....


People like you are the majority... Sigh there are several reasons why you need a receipt.

One you may have purchased it at another store. Two people like to steal our stuff and return it for easy cash.

It's your fault, simple as that. Accept it and move on, however, we know you won't because your a self entitled uneducated fool.