Estherville, Iowa

Went 25 miles to buy a qt of paint, it was mixed by a female w breath that would strip varnish, then all the color was on out side rim of container. At check out a low level door manager explained to me they don't mix paint at check out...I thanked her for recognizing I was completely ***!

She refused to call the lady with dragon breath that mixed my paint told me again they don't mix paint at check out and there is nothing she can *** self left $ 100 of product on the belt.

Because I bet they restock from the cash register, I will drive to Ames and go to Lowes. (I'm smart enough to get there) and not so *** as to step foot in a Menards again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wow another Obama voter were u also angry they did not go paint your wall for you ? Was the walk just too far? Or was a smear of paint just too much to bear the can just too dirty wtf America grow up.


If all the color was on the outside of the rim of the can it seems that anyone with their eyes open would have noticed it when they were handed the can of paint. Why would you wait till you got to the cash register to complain?

Seems like it would have been quicker to address the problem in the paint department. Seems like you are one of those people who likes to get in peoples faces, otherwise you shouldn't have been close enough to her to smell her breath.