Saint Paul, Minnesota
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I work at Menards in Saint Paul. I cannot believe we are open on Easter when Wal Mart employees get to spend time with family. You want to see some rude and crabby employees? Stop on by on Easter. It's heathen Christmas in there with people speaking every language except English.

John and Larry Menard are sitting at home stuffing their faces with their families while we deal with bottom of the barrel customers. I hold nothing but contempt for people that legitimize us being open on holidays. So the next time you people come in on a holiday and I look like I want to beat you to death. IT"S YOUR FAULT!!

The next time you come to Menards. Please don't get pissed at us if you say something like this:

"Yea there is this product out there. I don't know the name and I'm not sure what it does exactly, ya know what I'm talking about?" or better yet when you come up to me and say "Ant poison?" Do you want to know what it is,where it is, how it works? Please express yourself more clearly and don't get pissed because I can't read your simple mind. We have this thing called the English language. Feel free to use it you lazy bastards.

Also saying "Hi" or "Hello" to start a conversation instead of saying "I need" is polite. You don't need paint. You don't need wallpaper. You don't need a Hula hoop....

I hate the Nazi party known as Menards because of the way they treat employees but I also hate most of you people for the way YOU treat them as well

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If it weren't for Home Depot Menards would be closed on Easter. It all started with Home Depot being open on the 4th of July.

Menards was closed and Home Depot parked their trucks in Menards parking lots with a sign saying they were open. Menards hasn't been closed on a Holiday Home Depot is open since.


ahhhhhh come on grumpy Menards worker.

the Menard's owners are probably on their private island in Hayward

having a gold filled egg hunt followed by a rabbit dinner prepared by their chef - and, working very hard doin so. :)


If you dont like it you shouldve done something with your life instead of layin on your back getting knocked up and working a dead end job quit if your so pissed about it i work *** hours and all i have to say is the pays good your not in school anymore they pay you to be there if you dont want to be there quit no ones tyin your hands


You really should get over yourself. I'm going to be going by your *** store because of its location.

This is the first weekend I have off this summer to build my garage, after working the last 40+ days straight building everyone elses homes.

So you not being home for easter, I could give a *** less. And don't worry, I won't be asking any employees there questions, they've all been total incompetent idiots whenever I've asked anything in the past and you obviously are no better.


:upset oh brother, i think a little medication might be in order for upset. What she does is retail, does she really expect someone to greet her, ask her how she is doing and then fully explain everythig they need?That is part of the job, as much as it is not ok too have any the lazy bastards treat anyone disrespectfully.

If you were working under me, you would be gone.-oh, and take this from someone who worked in the medical profession for 30 years, and it included a lot of odd hours, weekends and holidays.

now i am on my way to menards!



OMG I work at Mendards and If you don't want to work the Holiday request it off, Holidays are usually volunteer unless your in management!

No I am not in management! I choose tro work the Holidays so idiots and crybabies like you can have it off, Yes I have family but BE REAL you Get Holiday pay for working it. and I know you don't work more than 4-5 hours a day and the day starts at 7 your home by 12:30 when most people get up on Holidays so now PLEASE TELL ME AGAIN WHY YOU ARE WHINNING?????


Yes, you sound like you are filled with the spirit of every religious holiday you are complaining about working on. Because what is christianity, after all, but hatred, contempt, and racism?



Just remember, you are all choosing to remain at those jobs. If you have such a problem with working on Easter and other Holidays, then find a new profession.


You act like you're the only ones who have to work on Easter...find time around it. I'm sure you don't have to work 7am-midnight anyway.

What about the fine folks who work hotels or gas stations? Through inclement weather, holidays, over nights...I'm sure you've used these services on a holiday. Sorry for your inconvenience!

Ps...what bad PR for Menards!

I think they have the best prices so that's where I'm going to buy paint today...on Easter! Don't worry, I go to Lowe's for everything else because they know what they're talking about to help me get the job done.


What about people who's family is gone for the holiday and think "well maybe I can get something done." Or something happens at your home and you really need something fixed. Or in my case my children are with their grandparents out if state so this is the best time to get things done without children around.

I am headed to menards today to do exactly that. I would think you would be grateful to have a job in times like these and quit whining. My husband is in the military and went to war for a year.

No Christmas, no easter, no birthdays, nothing. And no extra pay!!!!


Menards is ***!!! I hate that store with a passion!

Managers plays favorites, treat TM's like dirt and curse over the intercom....well at least thats the way it is in scottsbluff, NE.

the store manager needs some serious people skills!!! Matter of fact, that store just needs a whole knew crew of managers :(


If you don't want to work on Easter the work somewhere that is closed on Easter.

They close open later and close earlier on the holiday, and are closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving. Just be happy you have a job. Next time just don't show up and see what happends.


i like working on easter! I'll take $14.50 an hour over my family anyday :)


If you dont like your job... QUIT!


What a bunch of cry babies, if you don't want to run your registers or stock your shelves on the holidays and deal with non-english speaking people, how about you use that degree you have on your wall and find a better job? Maybe open your own english speaking only store?

Close it every major and minor holiday and see how far you get. If for some reason your degree is missing shut up do your job get the paint, ant spray and smile!


who cares how much extra money we make the point is we dont want to work the holiday. nothing better the standing on your feet 10 or 12 hrs on a holiday so some dumb *** can buy the time you get home your to tired to enjoy that microwaved ham dinner. that you should have had with the famliy :cry


OK lets review. You are mad because you had to work on Easter.

Well you get paid $2.50 extra and hour because its a weekend day then you get paid $2.50 extra because its a holiday. So $5 extra and hour and you complain.

You need to quit an let someone who needs a job work. Loser


Hey you...yeah you with the name tag on. Ant poison?


:( Really...You complain about working on a holiday, while other people are looking for work??? Your family thinks so little of you that they cant work around your schedule?

What can I say....just count your blessings. I bet you didn't have any problem spending your pay check!


If it weren't for the *** at Home Depot Menards would have been closed. Menards used to be closed on Easter, 4th of July and New Years Day.

That all ended when Home Depot hit the Midwest and opened on the holidays.

They parked their trucks in front of Menards stores with signs saying they were open. Blame the Depot bastards for ruining the Holidays.