I placed an order for headphones that were only available online for a special sale they were having. I searched for return information before ordering in case these headphones were not as expected.

I could not find any information regarding return policy until after I regrettably ordered! After the order was place I was then able to see that their return policy was horrible for online purchases and immediately looked for a phone number to call and cancel this order. No phone number was available unless you purchased with a Menards credit card. I then emailed customer services requesting my order be cancelled...

it was less than an hour after placing the order! 24 hours later I get an email "regretfully" informing me the order was "too far into processing and could not be canceled!" Had this been dealt with immediately or at the very least first thing in the morning, they could have canceled this order! They did not want to! The return policy states it is at their discretion whether they decide to cancel or accept a return, it is also at the discretion of the local store as to whether they will allow the item to be returned within the store as well!

This item is being shipped to the store, it is to take about 6 days to get to the store, yet they can't process a cancellation of the item within an hour of the order being placed? If it were not for the return policy in the first place, I would not have even attempted to cancel the order! I expected that Menards would be comparable to Target, Sears, Kmart, and Walmart as to their return policy! ALL of these allow an item to be returned to the store, no questions asked if it is not what you expect!

I am completely dissatisfied with "at our discretion" and the fact that the request for cancellation was sent out so soon shows that their discretion is to say NO! They are ***! They allow a small sale like this to lose my business! I am plannig a very large remodel of my home, I am a carpenter, in the business over 35 years and have many friends and colleagues in the business!

It is "at my discreation" where I purchase items not only for my personal remodel but also jobs I am overseeing! I have made very large purchases at Menards... an ATV, 55" High Def flat screen TV, a garage package, etc! With customer service like this, and several other choices in town to make my purchases (Lowes, Home Depot and many non-corporate building supply stores) if I attempt to return these headphones in my local store and Menards management refuses, they will see me one more time...

to redeem my rebate. Regardless, Menards Online will never get any business from me again, and my credit card has also been notified of their unethical practices!

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Dont buy headphones at menards. Cmon. Did you see any writing on the box besides..........


Made in China

Buy everything except headphones from menards.


What's wrong with you? You don't even have the product yet.

Why are you making such a fuss before you even know if the headphones will work for you. You sound like the type of person who lives to cause headaches for anyone you can.


You are tripping out without even have tried to return the item. Im sure the store eill take back the item if u just explain what happend an stay calm dont act rude or yelling.

The product might actually work for you to an you wont have to worry about returning it. An maybe the people you emailed didn't get that email until it was to late.


Really,when you place a special order you better make your mind up that it's what you want before you place the order. Buyer's remorse is not a legitimate reason to cancel an order.


All retail places return policy's are at their discretion. Most don't tell you that, it's just assumed.

It depends on several factors; If you have a receipt, when the item was purchased, how the item was purchased, the condition of the packaging and item when returned. The interesting part is you want the item and have yet to try the item and all you can do is bash Menards. Why not wait try the item then try and return the item if you don't like it and see what happens?

I promise you as long as you have the receipt Menards will take it back, however, a restocking fee may be required. The reason a restocking fee occurs is because you had free shipping to the store and it's now taking up unwanted space at the store.


^thank you! i don't know if you work for menards but it sure sounds like you do otherwise you do A LOT of business with us.

and if i recall correctly there is a place at the bottom of the menards.com website that says return policy that you can click on otherwise i believe it was under a customer service tab at the top.

at our store we will take just about anything back if we believe we can resell it. people need to realize that if you buy something online or special order we may not stock it at the store while target and walmart stores i've noticed are pretty much the same across the board (for the people who don't shop at many different menards stores not all of our stores are the same or stock the same merchandise!)