Des Moines, Iowa

i got a *** eater from menards took it home and strated it and ran fine. went to use it a few weeks later and it ran for 15 min's thenm shut down.

took it back to the store and manager told me that no returns after you put gas in it. How do you know if it works until you put gas in it? this is there policy, no return or refund. i took it to a repair center had it fixed this time it ran 2 mins started rope jammed and shut down.

I called the weedeater manufacture and they were very nice. told me if i get a letter from repair center saying it was not repairable they would refund or exchange the machine. Got the letter took it back to Menards and they gave me more *** about it and after talking to several managers i got my money returned to me. this took almost a month to deal with the prossess.

i purchased a *** eater from the repair shop so i could get the job done. why should i have to deal with rude managers from Menards. i now go to Home depot they seem nicer over all.

tips! buy where they will suport the product.

Monetary Loss: $79.

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All I want is the current amount that I owe on my account :zzz


:cry i bought all new windows at menards in bay city mi i went to thetax credit refund e-mail address and they dont know what im talking about what do i do now?


If you ever shopped, well, anywhere and bought a vacuum, paper shredder, or just about any other appliance or device, you probably recall reading a slip of paper that says "if you have problems with this product, DO NOT return to store. Call this number instead." This means exactly what it says.

I am a quality control statistician (not for a retailer), and I can tell you with 100% accuracy that very few defective products make it to market. When a consumer has what they feel is a bad product, it normally is not actually a bad product, the consumer has simply not used it properly. Thus, by calling the manufacturer of the product, they can best assist you with getting it to work correctly, or, if it is indeed a defective product, they will take it back from you directly. Thus, there is never a need to go back to the store you bought it from and start yelling.

The people at the store have nothing to do with why you had a problem with the product. Why wouldn't you want to deal with the people who made the product, anyway?

Is it simply the desire to complain to somebody? If that is the case, get a life.


imagine covering the cost of thousands of *** eaters, just because people don't put oil in them. Or because the mixture isn't right.

They have to fix them and then sell them cheaper because they've been used. Say buy to any profit.


Same thing happened to my sister with a power washer. Wouldn't work and they wouldn't take it back (or exchange it) even though it never worked, just because she had put gas in it.

Her question as well, how do I know it doesn't work until I put gas in it and try it? This is insane!


I had the same problem with a ***eater I bought from a Home Depot by me. They exchanged it without a problem. Maybe you will get that employee of the month yet, keep up the hope or hype :zzz


Greetings, Outstanding. There is good reason why, in forums such as these, Menards can boast twice as many complaints per year as Home Depot.

In my twenty eight years of DIY experience (Payless Cashways, Ace, Sutherlands, Lowes, Home Depot), I have had my share of wins and losses. A few years ago, Home Depot management had established some consumer-unfriendly return policies. As a publicly traded company that responded to customers and shareholders, corrections were made. I think that a problem with Menards is that there are no stock holders to answer to, and you can see what kind of response (often legitimately) unhappy customers receive.

This is why Menards has not remedied the rudeness and poor quality of its employees, which would not be tolerated elsewhere. Regards!


Every retailer has policy that may or may not rub a consumer the wrong way. Hope Depot has policies that frustrate both do-it yourselfers and contractors alike. You win some, you lose some.


I am 'just wondering' if the Menardites who are assigned the task, or merely take it upon themselves, to defend the store can at least try to disguise themselves and come off as regular customers. If not, at least try to be nice and to not condescend.

As for me, Home Depot has never let me down. Thanks.


I am wondering why you purchased the product at Menards if you don't like their return policy? Just like automobiles gas powered equipment come with a warranty from the manufacturer that covers REPAIR of a defective item.

Menards can not return your *** eater to the manufacturer without authorization from *** eater.

If you don't like the warranty process the manufacture requires don't blame the retailer. YOU as a consumer need to take some RESPONSIBILITY for understanding warranties and return policies before you purchase a product.