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Will not respond to letters or calls.

Certegy Check Services. Why do you use this company? I found 2832 complaints this year about refusing checks for NO-REASON!Why will you not even answer me about the way I was treated by your Fond du Lac WI store. I need a paper trail for my buys. I will not use cash or debt cards as they can be stolen and offer no proof the government.How do you think I should buy building supplies from you? I can not use a check. You declined the last one for NO-REASON!. i PAID FOR THE PURCHASE WITH A DEBT CARD FROM THE SAME ACCOUNT WITHOUT PROBLEM. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED BECAUSE MY OWN CUSTOMERS COULD HEAR THE GIRL SAY IN LOAD VOICE. YOUR CHECK IS NO GOOD.You do not want to talk to me, so I have put up a big sign in my store that says, bring a receipt from a Menards competitor and get 20% your price. Menards does not care about your business.Great Promotion, everyone is asking why I am doing this. And I tell them.Thank You,

Certegy Check Services Complaint

Certegy Check ServicesP.O. Box 30046Tampa, Florida 33630-3046USA

RE: Declined Check

August 21, 2010


Are you really a real service or a information collector, spam?

You declined a check on Saturday August 21, 2010 at 11:13AM CDT at a Menards, Inc store in Fond du Lac, WI

Your on-phone explanation said ID did not match the check information.What ID?. None was ever asked for by store clerk. I have been cashing checks Menards for 20 years, and sometimes showing my Divers License photo ID.

The check was drawn on TSB Bank of Lomira WI. Check number 5381 for $9.17.

After searching the internet, I found many complaints about your check service. It seems you do not care about businesses you deal with. You must really be a cheap service

After this experience I will not use any business that uses your services, and depending on your remedy to this matter, may file a complaint with the banking and consumers affairs department in Wisconsin. I will start informing businesses about your dis-service via web site complaints and letter writing soon.

Thank You and have a nice day,

Why would I ever want to shop at Menards again?

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Deal.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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The logical thing to do would be not to shop at Menards again.


Who writes checks anymore? Is it 1990?

Use a debit card. As the person behind you in line, my time is very valuable and I don't want to wait an extra 2 minutes because of your check.

@Checks? In 2010?

who cares whether you want to wait behind me or not. you will be one of the people who will be pissed when the store's system is hacked and your info is among the ones stolen.