Peoria, Illinois

I prepaid for a bathroom vanity top that was due to be shipped in 2 wksat the Peoria, IL store. After leaving, I called the Pekin store and was told it was in stock, to bring paperwork, they would verify that I had not already picked up the vanity (?) and would then let me have the vanity from the Pekin store.

I took well over a half hour of dealing with Pekin, IL customer service. The girl that I had to deal with was Sheena, very nasty, goth looking, rude, and never once smiled. I had to get down right rude myself in order to get any satisfaction. In fact I had to call back to the Peoria store in order to resolve the issue.

This girl clearly belongs in the stockroom because her people skills are severly lacking. Menards needs to hire qualified people who really want a job!!

And then train these people on customer service. Menards isn't the only show in town, my business will now be directed to Lowes and Home Depot.

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I had the same problem with sheena also , give the job to someone who has better work ethics :)


Why do you have to insult her? Maybe you had the attitude walking into the door.

Being a front office manager is hard work esspecially when they get guests like you. I know Sheena very well and I know for a fact shes no "goth". Just because someone has black hair doesnt make them a goth. She also has the most good guest comments out of that department.

Be as mad about Menards as you want but its people like you, insulting, having a poor attitude and that are just down right hateful that make our job more difficult.

News flash, the customer is NOT always right. Please go to another store because you dont deserve the kind of compassion that Menards offers there guest!


I was actually there that day working and i believe you were being a crazy *** and you husband was telling you to stop and that we were just doing our job. You were very rude and nasty =]


I can say that the store I work at has friendly team members for the most part, the big problem is guests who treat us like *** and live up the "customer is always right' mantra to the hilt. I've had people get up in my face and loudly and rudely ask where something is...while I was helping another guest! But I and most of my fellow team members try to be helpful to these trolls (but you should hear what we say when they leave!)


menards doesnt care about quality of team members, they will hire just about anybody as long as the applicant isnt too qualified to possibly threaten management. the management of menards mirror the character of the owner of menards, not good


yes menards customer service, very often, is on the horrible side. I happen to live in Eau Claire, Wi, the hometown of menards.

Menards is a terrible place to work at and has a very high turnover rate. This creates problems with customer service because they are constantly training new people.

The worst part of this for me is that menards is a major employer here and won't let any other major home improvement stores come into town. So I either have to drive 2 hours or go to menards, and I frequently do drive the 2 hours


i often find it easier to no longer question these people on their shopping methods and techniques. i usually end up confused and frustraded when i try.

instead, i realize how truly *** they are, and go merrily about my day.

menards is a better and stronger company with less idiots coming in to *** around and waste money. boo!!


Why would you go into a store, pay for an item that you are told won't be in stock for 2 weeks and as soon as you leave start calling other stores to see if you can get it there sooner? If you couldn't wait the 2 weeks why the *** did you pay for it?

You should have had them check to see if another store had it in stock.

If it was available you could have gone to the store that had it in stock and bought it there. Sure would have saved you a lot of time.


Sheena is, IMO,is in the minority. Most Menards workers are helpful as can be. Give it another try so you don't go to Lowes or Home Depot and pay top dollar..........