Kalamazoo, Michigan

I purchased a 200.00 gas powered chain saw. After approximately 1hour of useage, it stopped working.

Menards refused to refund my money or let me make an exchange. I was told to have it serviced . The small engine repair man stated in a letter that the chain saw had been defective. I was at no part negligent in using it.

Menards still refused to help me with a return.

They said they could not make a refund because it had gasoline in it.

Even thoughit was sold to me as defective. This was at the Menards of Mt Pleasant Michigan,I spoke with the manager in charge named Mitchell.Well, Mitchell, you lost a good costumer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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It still seems wrong that Menards won't do something or help in some way in order to keep a good customer. Don't be so *** cold about it by just placing the blame onto some one or some thing else.

I don't blame your ex-customer for feeling the way they do. :sigh


we can not take back stuff that has gas in it because we are not aloud to keep gas in the store u will have to send it back to the manufacturer to get your money back