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Menard's did the same thing to me, after only one use and less than 10 days of purchase, the mower seized up and would not run. I cleaned it up put it back in the box and tried to return it, but they said it had gas in it.

The Lawn Devil is junk, the self propel was horrible from the start and is useless now. Front wheel axle broke, had to be welded, replaced front wheels, wheel covers fall off, mower is junk, Menards is terrible. I own multiple rental property and other businesses as well, Home Depot is the beneficiary of Menards stupidity.

They probably lost $10k to $50k annually in business, not to mention referrals and other contractors. It's about principles.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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More often the not, the reason the engine seizes up is the owners failure to follow the instructions and put oil in the engine. This is why the manufacture doesn't simply replace the mower.

The warranty covers repairs due to manufacturer defects. If you take the mower to a service center and the problem is a defect it will be repaired at no charge. If due to lack of oil, you are out of luck. You can't expect manufactures or stores to take the loss due to abused equipment.

This is no different than the warranty on a car that you pay a lot more money for. Bet you've never been given a refund on a car that needed repair after you bough it.


What principles? This is a manufactures recommendation to Menards to protect their assets from FOOLS.

It's stated on your receipt and all around where you purchase the mowers that you cannot return them once they have had gas put into them, it must go to a repair shop and the manufacture warranty will cover the charge if it's not a consumer caused issue. There are several reasons this is the case: Menards employees are not qualified to determine if it was a consumer caused issue or a defect in the machine, Often people will use a gas powered machine beat it up and return it and essentially stealing profit from Menards, More times than not with gas powered equipment the ignorant consumer caused the issue by not reading the manual or educating themselves about the proper uses of the equipment. Finally only a fool would buy a Lawn Devil and expect quality! You get what you pay for.

If it's 100+ dollars cheaper than other self propelled mowers you need to use your brain to conclude that the quality might be low. Home Depot is no better, they have similar policies.

The problem is you live in ignorance and will blame the world before you ever accept personal responsibility for your uninformed choices.


Only a fool of a retailer would purposely sell low quality Chinese junk in all departments that are only going to frustrate and disappoint the public. Perhaps menards should just exit the small engine sales if they are unwilling to sell higher quality products sold at other large box stores or independent hardware stores.

Mtd mowers are junk including their riding mowers.

Sorry no toro, honda, snapper, ariens, or simplicity lawn mowers found on menards properties. Menards string trimmers garden tillers, are absolute junk as well.


Don't blame the retailer. Blame consumer demand for low price, low quality products.

The retailers sell these products because too many consumers don't want to pay the price of a quality product like Toro or Honda.

When consumers realize that they are getting exactly what they pay for and are more willing to pay the higher price for a quality product, more retailers will stock more expensive mowers. As long a consumers keep demanding the cheap, low quality products from China, you'll keep seeing them in the stores.


Don't blame the retailer for stocking the low priced Chinese products. When the American consumer wakes up and is willing to pay the price for a quality product like Toro or Honda stores will quit selling low quality products from China. As long as the American consumer demands the low prices you get with low quality items, they will remain on the shelf.


Brute by Briggs. Briggs & Stratton is the world's largest manufacturer of air-cooled gasoline engines primarily for outdoor power equipment. 

Its simple pay more, get more. Pay less get trash.


Exactly. Couldn't have said it better myself.