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I live 240 miles from this store. I called to order from building materials, place my order there.

Transfered me to mill works and placed my order. Sales man said i have both orders, ill email them to you and you confirm it and send it back and ill run your ccd and place order. 3 weeks and it will all be in. So he emails it.

its correct. I called him and give him my ccd information and he says, if there is aa problem i call you back if not its ordered and i will email when it comes in. So i wait 3 weeks and decide to call and check on it cause i had planned to cover all my shopping in that one trip. So i call and they ask for my order number.

Witch i had rite in front of me. He says that number is not in the computer and read it agin. So i did. and he says its still not rite.

He asked who i was and what was orderd. I told him and he said ok i remember you and this order, ill look and see whats going on and call you back with in an hour. Day goes buy and i called next day. He said he had to talk to store manager and wood call back agin in a hour.

I called next day and same ***. So i asked for store manager. Hes on the phone and will call you back, Tried FOUR times in 3 days to get that *** on the phone. SO not only did my order not get place that i waited 3 weeks for was bad enough on a project that is time sensitive, i got the Gal Dang run around for 6 *** days playing phone tag and never did get anyone on the phone to tell me what happened.

So i called back one more time, Explained to a new sales man what happened and he said well no wonder. we are not alowed to take ccd over the phone. I have to come into the store and place my order. I told him where i live and that was not possiable, He said well it store policy.

Then i got upset. Said why was i not told this on the first order then, Well that was not his problem , all he could do was place a new order. So i asked how was he gonna do that. he got smart assy and said .

well tell me what you want. ill put it in the computer and order it like i was the dumb ***. So i asked him how was he gonna do that if he couldnt take a god *** ccd over the phone to pay for it. Then the *** said either place the order or get off his phone.

So i hung up. Im done with menards. Nothing but a bunch of untrained employes and a serious lac of leader ship, I get that mistakes happen, But then dont blow smoke up my rear and pass the buck. Just say i messed up.

I appoligize, what can i do to make it rite with you. Perhaps like reorder it and put a rush on it wood be a good start.

But then its not menards problem. Its our supplyers fault i wasnt trained to do my job !!!

Monetary Loss: $800.

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See, I'd take you seriously but your grammar, punctuation, and worst of all, your spelling is absolutely atrocious. If you don't know how to spell the word "right" correctly then there are some problems that you need to fix.

An 8 year old knows how to spell "right", "lack", "would", and "which" correctly. If you aren't intelligent to make a sophisticated post that doesn't look like you let a hamster run across your keyboard, then I don't think you're intelligent enough to be building something.

P.S. Who orders things from 240 miles away?


Menard's managers are the worst trained in customer service or just don't care. I was the unfortunate recipient of a similar situation when dealing with Menards.

They seem to care now that Home Depot has opened.

The employees are over the top to try and be helpful. I think that it speaks volumes when Menards changed there checkout tills to put the cashier's back to the customer!!!


Menards blows...I'll never go back. Doesn't surprise me at all.


We recently purchased a 5'WX6'HX10'L Galvanized Kennel from menards. What should have been one hour of set up turned into a horrible four hours.

We are extremely disappointed with the quality of this product in consideration to the price. We had nothing but problems with the entire kennel. The door hinges were welded on completely upside down, the posts were bent and dented and much much more.

We live 3 hrs away from our nearest menards store so it is not as simple as taking it back to have it exchanged or returned. We are extremely upset and will be advising people NOT to purchase anything like this!


I have had several problems in the past with menards minot store ! If the attitude off anyone that ever worked for me was like that of there employees they would be down the road ! Every customer should be a valued customer !!!


Frosty is retarded....


Wahhh. Until you work there you probably shouldn't open your mouth.


!!!!! has it right, the store is understaffed and cannot handle the problem.

However the store is trying to fix it. It takes years to train a staff properly on the things required to build a house or complete other construction projects. They have offered unbelievable benefits to other experienced Menards employees if they are willing to move to Minot. You can not blame them for their understaffed store because they simply can't get anybody to relocate.

They are trying and once the issues with the flood reside they should begin to get things under control. Menards also has a self-service lumberyard because it is impossible to help every last guest who goes through the lumberyard. They gladly point you in the right direction and ensure you they will answer any further questions. It makes more sense for them to help the 70 year old load 80 units of lumber than it does to help two young construction workers load up 20 units.

I know plenty of you have had issues with Menards and it is unfortunate because they try their hardest to make sure everybody is happy no matter what. Sure not every employee is perfect but what you don't see is that same employee may not be there three months later. There are boxes full of paperwork regarding new and terminated employees as they are constantly trying to create a friendly work environment. If you go to any big name store you will find employees who are great at their job and those who are only there for the money.

Although I am trying to defend Menards, I just want to raise awareness of the facts.

Make sure you have all information on an issue before you jump to conclusions. Sure, Menards loses guests, but the company continues to grow which proves they are doing something right.


LOL HEY FROSTY, I never said I was a Menards Employee and Minot, i just said I was an employee of Menards. Actually, I don\'t work at that store.Anyways, get over yourself.


Hay Menards Employee, You should be offended, offended to call your self an employee to a manager that has not trained there staff properly. Your company has ONE job, ONE JOB, SERVE YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Read the posts. Your store SUCKS!!!!! And whats this B.S of you will get a 100 more for everone you loose. Thats 80 percent of the problem you retards have.

No one Gives a *** there. Thats what everone is *** about.

This mentality of dont bug me or dont ask me or i dont feel like doing my job so im gonna hide as much as possiable till my shift is over is the main reason your customers are leaving.. And in the end its gonna come back to *** Johns ***


Minot Menards is the worst managed store I have ever been in in my life. Every special order I have done for my house wrong and takes a minimum

Hour to pick anything up bc no one in that store is trained. Home Depot, Lowes move in to Minot so we can actually have some professionalism and proper managent.


I read this complaint, and as a menards employee, i am offended. Menards is one of the biggest and most successful retail chains out there.

Honestly, we take pride in our work and making a guest happy. It's unfortunate what happened to you, but you act as if this problem was the only problem that ever happened, ever. If you haven't realized, WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS TOO. We aren't programmed robots to please everyone 10000000%, although we try our best.

I simply say, if you're done with Menards, so be it. For every guest that is "done" with Menards, we gain another 100 new ones.

Its no loss to us.

Also, learn how to spell and use correct grammar. You sound and look like a bigger *** that you already are making yourself out to be.


NO i will not cut them any slack, I wood have up untill the point of getting the run around for 6 days. Untill the manager avoided me.

Untill the Building materials *** tried to tell me to order agin aginst there policy but he was gonna fix it. Untill the plumbing department said i dont have that peice yet i bought it there 2 months prior, i searched for 20 min and found *** bin full.

NOPE i have had enough. They dont want my business, im sure not gonna force them to take my money.


They're also in the process of recovering from all of the flooding from earlier this year. Cut them some slack.


That store is a mess. Its worth it to any consumer to drive the extra miles and get it done right at Bismark moorhead or Fargo.

All reputable.

Minot jusr cannot handle all the traffic it gets without having a fully staffed store because of the oil boom. They do try their hardest but out of 260 stores they are the bjsiest and most underemployed.