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Do not order cabinets at the Menards Melrose Park, IL. location.

Ivan made the layput and ordered the wrong size cabinets and now I cannot fit my fridge and Microwave/hood where it is supposed to go.

The store manager Tom Hoffman didn't even want to listen to my complaint that his employee screwed up and said that he was not at the point of sale so he can't verify anything. Your a manager you need to make a decision you can't be there for everypoint of sale.

I will never waste my money at a Menards again. They need to start to give classes to there management on how to deal with customer service issues.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Some people really should learn how to read the fine print at the bottom of the special order


Menards isn't only a do it yourself store. They open up stores in areas and have loceal contractors do the work so it helps the community.

Therefore, hire a professional contractor to read a tape measure for you, then bring your measurements into Menards to get a kitchen designed.

I know for a fact Menards kitchen designers don't pull cabinet sizes and measurements out of their ***. It comes from you, so you can thank yourself.


Would it be too much to ask for a little excitement, not too much I wouldn't want you to break a sweat or anything.


You are suppose to measure the space where the kitchen cabinets are going to go. When they make the layout, they are making the layout according to your measurements.

If the cabinets don't fit correctly, it's because your measurements are wrong.

Don't try to blame it on someone working with your measurements. You know the old saying, measure twice, cut once.


For McDocs... Actually yes, there is a huge underground task force located in John Menard's basement assigned specifically to hunt down negative comments online and rebuff with poor grammar, syntax and spelling, because he is THAT CONCERNED about what people cry about online and he has ALL KINDS of crazy money, anyway, right?

Are you serious? Assigned the task? "Hey, Kate, make sure you get online tonight and talk smack to people!" Yeah, boss, I'm on it.

This is just a nice dumping grounds for all the stress I get from you people on a daily, hourly, nonstop, constant basis. :)

And PS, freight slayer? You must be a morning stocker, because full-timers and managers make well, WELL over minimum wage, sweetheart. lol.


what is the real reasone that you are upset the fact that you cant mesure and read or the fact that you blame itheres for your mistakes in life if you are not abel to read and comprehend what you are reading you will loose .you get the same service at lowes and home depot if you had common sence you would of double checked .


Whoa, "fella", whoa, boy! There's that "we" stuff, again, kemosabi.

I am curious to know if the Menardites (the "we" you are referring to) are assigned the task, or merely take it upon themselves, to defend the store. Can you at least try to fool us into thinking that you are just regular folks? If not, at least try to be nice and to not so nasty.

As for me, Home Depot has never let me down. I have certainly never seen this level of immaturity and spite from either Home Depot or Lowes employees.


i'm laughing at the people who say they get good customer service at home depot.

we all know you're lying.


If you dont like the cabinets return them. Wait a min.

that paper you took to the check out might have had some "fancy words" on it that said something to the sound of Custom made not refundable and some crazy numbers that came from no where that showed the size of your cabinets they must not have been on there or you might have noticed the wrong sizes.

Or your not very brite and just bought a bunch of *** you didnt read. Congrats i hope from now on you are spoon fed every where you go.


Sweet! Thank You freight slayer!

Nobody has answered your questions about Walmart yet? I love it.


I always had a really bad experience at Menards they are horrible in costumer relations .. they lost my business and I only shop at home depot now


Menards should pay their employees a little more maybe they'll find more qualified people to for work them .. im a general contractor and shop at all the DO IT YOURSELF stores and Menards is defiantly is the worst , their quality of the products are *** and their employee aren’t properly trained in anything but mister FS your right the store are big and have a lot of different products that’s even more reason to train their employees a little bit better .. even if they make minimum wage


"first off when you work anywhere you should know about the products that your company is selling even if you’re making minimum wage. at the very lest you should know where the items could be found ..

just because people work for MINIMUM WAGE doesn’t mean they’re not capable of sending customers to the right Dept .

at this day and age I’m sure there’s a lot smart people who would love to get a job for minimum wage even if it was the worst company ever (Menards) . like the other person said to that dawn lady "GET A LIFE "


freight slayer--

EVERYONE should be required to read your post. customers can be so *** *** sometimes. "gee, lets ask the 16 year old kid the exact materials i'd need to build a post-frame building! that sounds smart!"

IT'S A DO-IT-YOUSELF store for crying out loud


Employees at Menards basically make minimum wage nowadays. The retail departments within Menards are 1)Building Materials,2)Hardware,3)Electrical,4)Millwork,5)Cabinets&Appliances,6)Wallcoverings,7)pets&groceries,8)plumbing&9)floorcoverings.

Non-sales departments are the front office, receiving, & lumberyard. Now walk thru an entire Menards store, aisle-by-aisle & do you intelligently think each individual employee should know about every single product & the location of that product? If they were really that smart, they would not be working for near minimum wage at the Menards, I can promise you that. Seriously, when you people go to the Walmart do you get upset at the deli person when they don't know about sporting goods?

Do you get upset with electronic dept when they have little knowledge of pharmacueticals?

Do you get upset at the lady selling bras about her lack of knowledge in the automotive area? You as the customer carry culpability of being a little bit retarded yourself.


dawn i noticed that you had written a comment on some of the other Menards complaints . WTF !

don’t you have a life ? is that all do is sit on these pages and comment . Are you an employee ? "measure twice, cut once!" that’s an excellent statement where did you hear it from one of you customers ..

I know Menards employees don’t know anything about the trades.

GET A LIFE .. its people like you that amaze me ...


Amen to that Team Menards! WTF?

- At what point does the guest realize they have to take responsibility? When special ordering cabinets and knowing how important measurements are?

As a guest, I would check and then double check the order prior to SIGNING OFF ON THE SPECIAL ORDER!!!! What's the saying "measure twice, cut once!" People continue to amaze me.


they have very *** employees none of them at this store know what they’re doing . none of them take the time to learn about what’s in their dept .

half don’t even know where things are at . I was a regular customer and one day I was were the nail/screws are and another customer asked a employee where drywall mud is and the kid didn’t even know . he was about to send him outside in their lumber yard . I had to tell those people were it was ( on the right side of the store toward the back ) .

there’s been multiple times me and my co - workers would test the employees in different departments just to see how much their employees knew . .

THIS STORE SUCKS , they have LOST thousands of dollars from me .. if you live around there just go to home depot in Northlake at least their employees are knowledgeable


When you ordered this kitchen did you sign agreeing that this is a special order and that the order is not refundable? Every special order from Menards is a binding contract.

Why can't people take responsibility for themselves? Cabinets are an expensive purchase.

Did you double check the measurements before you ordered them? This is just as much your fault as it is Menards.