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Been having to make a few returns to Menards of late I'm a customer that spends 20 to $30,000 a year at Menards each and every year for the last 20 years. tonight I went into Menards in Cottage Grove Minnesota and not realizing quite how late it was in about 5 minutes to close before I even reached the counter the manager I do not know her name but I will get it basicallyacted like a three year old it was going to be made to do something she didn't wanted to rather than simply explain to me that they close in 5 minutes to where I would have told her oh I'll just do this tomorrow.

but no they said she acted like a three year old child and walked away from the counter in disgust and proceeded to walk over to the assistant manager and started whispering something about me are you *** kidding me. grow the *** and do your job you whining B. Brad used to be the manager there but more than a year ago I believe and that type of attitude was never ever exhibited as it is with this new manager it runs throughout all the employees.

I have a boat headed with the *** customer service that's being provided there lately. with one exception Eric who is another manager there is quite the opposite and knows what it's all about props to Eric pile of *** to the rest of them.I have been a loyal customer to Menards for many years but have never experienced such lack customer respect afforded to someone who spends the amount that I do there not even anyone who comes into that store should not have to listen to a manager throwing a temper tantrum like a three year old child.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you do indeed buy as much from this store as you claim, I would think you would be well aware of the business hours.


This seems like a troll post. If by some small chance this is real, you do realize you are throwing a temper tantrum right now just like a child?

Don't expect others to do things you yourself are not willing to do.

Be a better consumer! Educated consumers who treat others well get better service!


Your post is very lacking in detail.It sounds like you are the type of customer that feels like if they spend a fair amount of money you expect employees to bow down in awe as you enter the store. I bet you were returning quite a bit of product and it was going to involve a lot of time going through receipts, if you had them at all.

As a consumer you should be a little bit more considerate of the employees working in these stores.

When you walk in at closing time with a large return you are keeping at least a dozen people past their scheduled time off. You will find that if you treat the employees in stores with a little respect they way they treat you will be with respect as well.


sounds like you are a corprate net scrubber to me blablabla make the campain doner look good


No, just someone that works in retail and can see the whole story isn't being told.


Exactly often complainers leave out huge portions of information. They do this because they want to make themselves look better and whatever they're complaining about look worst.