South Bend, Indiana
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I had a roofer, who was highly recommended by Menards(against store policy) not tarp my exposed roof when 2.8 inches of rain entered. Damages were extensive throughout the house.

$83,000, 3 permanent injuries ,33 months later I have been in legal battle to win my money back.

I was overcharged on the shingles that were to be returned to me.

BEWARE!!! I had to have that roof completely removed and replaced with 80 roof boards. Menards management would not help in any way!!

I loved that store and would have trusted my life to them.. Guess I did !!!

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I mean why would Menards pay for your hiring of a shotty worker. Do you have to pay Menards when they hire a bad worker?

No? OK just making sure. I hope this was a lesson for you to teach to your students. There is a real world and living under a rock doesn't help you any.

Wake up...smell the roses and do something for yourself. America home of the freedom to be whatever you want to be; you just have to work for it.


You are so correct. I should never count on spell check on a small screen.


You are correct, it is against store policy to recommend a contractor. The have sheets from various contractors posted in the stores and on those sheets there is a disclaimer stating that the contractors are in no way affiliated with Menards.

It goes on to say that it is your responsibility to check them out. If you had paid Menards for labor and they hired the contractor for you the would be responsible for the damages. In this case you hired the contractor and should have made sure he had a license and was properly insured both to cover damage to your property and for injuries to his employees while on your property.

I wouldn't waste your money paying legal fees to fight Menards. Spend your money going after the contractor and his insurance company.


Shouldn't you be suing the roofer and not the person who recommended him?


I have spent 33 months, all my resources, and time doing just that... Sueing the roofer.

You are correct, both the roofer and Memards hold responsibility in this incident, to varring degrees.

With "Quality and Service" as their model, we loyal comsummers expect our Menards to "step up to bat" and work to help an injured party and protect the next consummer from the same.

Roofer's card was still in the Perferred box one year later after I reported incident to the store.

The Menard Corporate answer to my request for help was, "Sue the roofer"!

I have paid Menards Big Card over $3,000 dollars interest on the botched roof I had to tear completely off.

I will contact Corporate again. I know they can do better!!


$3000 credit card interest???you sound very lazy and irresponsible. Get a job and off your mom's couch


I am a retired teacher, who spent 40 years teaching delightful people like you reading comprehension. This information is on the poster for you to read!

@SharkNasty can't spell can't spell can't spell can't spell preferred....and you wildly mismanage your credit card. You must have been the pride of your school district.