Livingston, New Jersey

We just spent over $10,000 at Menards for new home construction. We arranged for our purchases to come in one large load.

We were trying to save on delivery charges as we live 40 miles from Menards. When it was delivered, they had mistakenly not included part of our flooring. It was clearly an error on their part but instead of apologizing they said we would have to pay for the extra delivery. We couldn't believe it but they actually did charge us!!

We wrote to the home office and didn't even receive a reply. We are so done with Menards, some of their products are pathetic as well.

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Thats why I don't shop at Menards


If it was our mistake Home Depot would deliver it for free and eat the delivery charge


measure twice, cut once.


Wow is all I can say to these reply comments. Seriously?

First off, if they already paid for delivery and Menards made a mistake, Menards should eat the cost of the mistake, not the customer. And the fact that they spent 10K should matter more to Menards than someone who spent $50.

The repeat business on large purchases are what keep them in business. All I can say is "wow" to these replies.


Obviously not the whole story! Because you didn't get your way, now Menards is horrible?


Small error for one. Two, pathetic products?

You just made a home out of our products only. That is funny. Three, you have 10k to spend on the dot but don't want to pay like 70 bucks on a delivery?

You know that you're paying the semi driver, not Menards right? Lastly, I know in our store if something goes wrong, we'll deliver for free ALL THE TIME so don't give me that *** that we're bad.


The amount of money you spend does not entitle you special privileges.

Pay the delivery charge or pick it up yourself.


First of all nobody cares how much you "spent". Second of all go *** your self