Muskegon, Michigan

Plain and simple. If you wish to buy the poorest quality.

Menards will have plenty of it. I have 9 of their precut stair stringers outside right now. Stack them all together and line up the ends. You got it, not one *** stringer matches any other.

My new deck has been an absolute nightmare due to the quality of the lumber. 2 x 8 treated ranged from 7 3/16 to 7 9/16. from one end to the other and all points in between. Garbage.

Should have taken all that *** back. Had it delivered by them. They would pick it back up for a new delivery fee. Unfortunately I have other stories not related to my deck.

You want ***, Menards has it. Plain and simple.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Menards cedar shingles were worse than the ones we took off a 100 year old outhouse than they charged me a restock fee 25% truly it was unusable very disappointed > i actually told the guy I could throw it in the garbage to save you a trip >never again


Funny part is they buy the lumber from the same place your other stores do. And as far as cheap garbage u get what u pay for u want cheap Chinese junk just good cheap Chinese junk . I bet u shop wallmart too!


You obviously know nothing about construction and should not be buying lumber to begin with.

2x8 is a nominal size board, there will be slight variation in width, it does not affect your deck in the least.

If you aren't happy with the stringers why not do what any builder worth anything does every day and cut your own?

Source - retired builder who made a lot of money redoing work from idiots like you who think they know it all but really don't know their head from their ***.

Unfortunately for you it is impossible to fix ***.


We have plenty of satisfied guest. We own the market anywhere we have a store. Go somewhere else and cry.


Menards has become the big lots of home improvement by selling merchandise rejected from other stores for lowball prices. Menards is also well known for being staffed by employees who play hide and seek when a customer is in need of assistance.

Also when you have lumber or fencing delivered from menards work directly when the delivery coordinator by digging though the stacks to find the decent pieces and specify you want those exact pieces delivered, otherwise your just getting whatever is on top regardless of how warped or damaged it may be.