Morrow, Ohio

Special order has been lost. The countertop we purchased was split into two orders.

One claimed it was available 7days after the estimated date. I went to the store and they could not find it...I asked why I was told it was ready? The staff said they would find out what transpired but I never received a response. Fast forward another 9 days, the remainder was said to have arrived and again still incomplete.

I understand the manufacturer is really responsible for the issue, however, the service from the staff at the store is very sub par. Why should I be working so hard to find out the status? The store needs to step up for the short comings of the vendors they work with...

It's been a month since my family has had dinner in our kitchen.

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The issue is not with menards turtle speed service but you as the man of the house failing to provide proper dining conditions for your spouse and your children. Shame on you trying to blame menards for your failure.

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That way I don't get heavily taxed by the corrupt American Government. Matter of fact all I pay is sales tax.