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I purchased 20 bales of insulation from Menards in Columbus, Indiana. I reserved the machine used to blow in the insulation for 2 weeks away.

The day before I was supposed to use the blower, I called and confirmed my reservation of the machine. I took 2 days off work, and hired a contractor. When the contractor and I showed up at Menards, they had let someone else take the machine. Darin, the guy at the counter said there was nothing he could do.

I told him to call around and find me a machine. Thirty minutes later he called me and said he try to call the guy with the machine and he couldn't get him.

I contacted the guest services with an e-mail. The representative said he would let the store manager Mr. James know about the problem at once.

After a couple more communications with the rep, the finally got a call from Mr. James. Guess what...his name is Darin James. Yes, that is right, the same guy that screwed everthing up in the first place.

So the guest services representative was jerking me around the whole time. Right after I spoke with Mr. James (who couldn't do anything) I received another e-mail and was told that I counldn't receive anything for my troubles because of Menards already low prices. I took that as a major slap in the face, so I told that guest services rep he could shove the "already low prices up his ***".

I am taking my products back to the store, and never shopping at menards again. I suggest you do the same!!!

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HAHAHA typical mynards. they are retarded used to work at home depot loved hearing all the stories about how rude and screwed up the mynards accross the street was


The real problem is the fact that the guy who supposedly said he would reserve it for you should not have done that. Blower rentals are first come first serve.

That is the only way it can work. People who want to reserve them don't always show up to get it anyways. So, the next guy who comes in to rent it would get told that it was reserved. In that case nobody would get to rent the dam thing at all.

Dont come back, I am sure everyones lives will go on.

My only problem with people like you period is you say your not coming back and you do anyways. So, it must not be that big of a problem.




I apologize for the terrible experience. Try contacting the store manager again and see if he is willing to give you a discount on your next purchase.

-Menards Guy