Rockford, Illinois

I sent my brother to Menards to buy a dog kennel I saw in the Menards ad. I told him to ask them how long they would be on sale at that price.

He called from the store with the sales person standing right with him and told me the guy said they would be at that price all summer. So I told my brother to buy just the one and we would get the others as I needed them. Well now I need three more and come to find out they are not on sale at that price any more. The store manager says there is nothing he can do, that we must have misunderstood the sales person.

Well the sales person must not be able to hear either as my brother told me what the salesperson said right in front of the salesperson.

Well Menards has lost out on a very good customer and come to find out that Sam's club sells the identical kennel everyday at $20 cheaper than Menards sale price, so what a crock that Menards said they would be losing money if they gave me the sales price. So now they have lied twice to me!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Sales Manager.

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The only thing I have ever said to you, ever, is that I want you to be happy.

paint man

hey 'just wondering', this may sound like a new radical idea but when you enter the store do you not see a large congregation of lights once you enter the sliding doors of menards? oh wait, you must be blind as *** because there is upwards of 70 hanging lights and 50 wall mounts that are just beaming at you.

oh wait. you cant see light my bad.


its sooo true! we don't know where anything is and we don't give a *** either.


No really how many does it take?


how many menards employees does it take to screw in a light bulb?


how many menards employees does it take to screw in a light bulb? none we cant find the isle


Your kennelpanels were not on sale when you went in to buy them the 2nd time. You understand that right? That is not a lie.


Are you Menardites adolescents, or are you really this obtuse? One can get a steak at any number of restaurants, but it is the service that brings customers back. With your attitude as employees, people will not return to your store, when the service, reliable information and assistance of the staff is so much better at Home Depot, Lowes or Ace Hardware.


You are such a ***. Why don't you get off your fat *** and get things for yourself.

It is soooo rude to be on the phone while shopping. I am sure that the employee was not listening to your brother while on the phone. It *** me off when a guest is on the phone while asking me questions. If you want the product, then get it yourself.

PLUS, have you ever been to a store and there was an item that was going to be on sale for more then a couple of weeks.

NOT!!! Get off your fat ***, get into the store yourself and not trust some *** brother that really doesn't know what the *** he is doing.


8) :p :sigh :zzz :upset :? :( :( :( :( :( :(


What? A guest read a sign?

What are you serious!

It's so pathetic how folks just can't take any responsibility these days. Always have to blame someone else for there mistakes.


Why did you not shop around first. Life is better when you do not complain.

There is always someplace that has a sale on the item you are looking for. So buy what you can afford and then shop around and buy again when you can afford it. It is soooooo easy to put the blame on someone else when you should have been patting yourself on the back for not buying more at the time since you did not have the money.

There, that is a positive thought for your day! Congratulations!


I am wondering why you didn't bother to look at the sale dates in the Menards ad you saw the kennel in. Each Menards flyer has an end date printed in the ad.

When your brother was in the store there was either a sign or a tag on the shelf that showed the end date next to the sale price. It is in print to avoid confusion.