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I purchased a load of 4x4 and top rail post from Menards about $1000 worth. We drove my dads 2008 GMC Sierra All Terrain pickup which was $45,000 at purchase.

The Menards personnel began to load the purchased product into the truck, and at this point my father and I told them to unbundle the load for us to hand load it. We didn't want any damage to happen to the truck. The employees plus the management over the yard continued to say no we won't damage anything, and we continued to tell them we wanted to hand load it just to be safe. Needless to say they wound up pushing the back of the bed into the cab and buckling the back end of the bed.

This amounted to over $2100 worth in damages. We told them and they filed the damage paperwork, took pictures, and statements from all the employees plus my dad. They refused to call me and get my statement when I was there the whole time. We emailed corporate for Menards and they said damage is unavoidable and they do not assume any responsibility for any damage that occurs due to their employees or on there premises.

I returned an email asking if they would charge or hold a customer responsible for any damages to their buildings, vehicles, or premises. Waiting on a response.

Monetary Loss: $2100.

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Your story sounds wrong. Why on earth would they have bundled this load for you if you had intended to hand load it.

The more likely story is you insisted it be bundled and loaded for you and then cried foul when the load was more than your truck could take even though they advised against loading it.

I guarantee that if you wanted to hand load your lumber they wouldn't go to the work of banding it up for you. BOGUS POST!!!!!


WTF a $45,000 truck couldn't handle a forklift and some wood? Sounds like a wussy *** truck to me.


why don't you let me try shoving a 2500 pound bundle of 4x4's in your pickup with a 3000 pound forklift. I can get right in the front seat for you Dumb ***


I absolutely love the ignorance of people who represent our country. I work at a tool store and you should have stood in front of the tailgate if it was that much of an issue.

OR DO IT YOURSELF!!! People walk in and are too lazy to read signs so they would rather have the customer service do everything...

American Dream achieved!!! Make someone else do it.


Yes, I have on occassion saw people take the

initiative to do things on their own, but anyone with a brain STOPS when told to do so. Bottom line, if Menards felt that their employees were at fault, you sir, would be comped for the damage, and the aforementioned employees would be out the door in a hot minute, and seeking another job,even as we speak!!Again, you should have used your former marine tactics to put the fear of god into them,as they clearly were *** BENT on loading you....I call b-llshit on this entire story.


Oh yes we could of but then the cops get called and we get arrested... Use your brain...

Have you ever worked with someone that has ever taken the initiative to do something that they shouldn't have??

You love to chime in but fail to see the consequences. Honestly you not being there you don't understand, your probably some lazy piece of well you know that sits at home waiting to chime in on *** that doesn't concern them.


So let me understand this ......2 current farmers/former marines could NOT stop these overzealous, overly accommodating individuals from loading your vehicle???Seriously??? Menards needs the names of these people sir, as that kind of service is UNHEARD of in the retail sector!!!! LOL


Actually the two yard guys took it upon themselves to load the bundled load when we were finding a Manager due to issues with the load being wrong.. An yes Highrollinwooded, we were going to load the *** ourselves.

We are farmer and trust me lazy isn't in our Nature. Plus we were both former Marines, so yea not lazy.

Hence why when we saw them loading it in the truck with a tow motor we told them to set it down and cut the straps so we could just hand load it. Trust me if it was your vehicle and you were there to see the stupidity of it you would be pissed as well.


Jimmy........ They wouldn't have loaded 1 thing if you told them not too. They ended up loading it differently than you wanted that's your FAULT! If you didn't like the way they were loading it THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE IT ALL YOURSELF. Menards employees are not even allowed to tie down items for guest because of liability issues.


Thank you for noticing how smart I am!


How bout this? I assume you and your dad are grown, able bodied men, right??? How bout you two load the *** yourself, instead of being lazy f--ks....problem solved......


Actually we didn't give them permission hence why we told them to unbundle the load and we would hand load it ***


Menards is not liable, you are. The only way Menards would be liable is if you did not give them permission to load your vehicle; seeing how you clearly did liability falls on you. If you were so worried about damage you should have loaded it yourself.