Chicago, Illinois

Three foot by five foot sign in the store states menards will match anybodies price on identical item. Needed 3 refrigerators for my apartments.

Lowes only had 1 in stock for $1100 so I bought it. Had to get the other 2 at menards for $280 more. They said "we dont price match if the price is below our cost" ???

Price match policy mentions nothing about their cost. Stay away from burnsville menards.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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just what the heck does "PRICE MATCH" mean? Another strike against Mendard's!!


On a fairly often basis Menards corporate requires store staff to use their personal vehicles and credit cards to buyout specific items at lowes and home depot that are either on sale for a extremely low case such as this, or high demand seasonal items such as attempting to buy pallets of sidewalk salt claiming to be a landlord. The merchandise is then resold at Menards at then inflated price.

How do I know this??? A year ago the store manager at the menards I worked at asked me to use my personal leased dodge ram to haul OSB boards from the home depot 2 miles away to resell at menards, when menards supplier was backordered and home depot has a sale. They eventually reimburse you cash for what you paid on your credit card but any damage to your vehicle while doing their dirty work is on you. When the store manager asked me discretely about doing him this "favor" I replied loud and firm " No I will not use my personal vehicle to purchase items for you at home depot to resell here" his face turned bright red and walked away with the customers staring.

I highly suspect considering the crooked shady games Menards play the 1 refrigerator you purchased was a display model, and the remaining lowes stock was picked by a Menards employee to be resold at the full retail price..................

which is when someone like you comes alone and they want to sell at full price.

buyer beware


Unfortunately you ran across a manager that doesn't know what they are doing. Unless it is a clearance or closeout price Menards will match a competitors price even if it is below what a manager sees for cost when he looks it up.


There is more to it than that. It has to be the exact model!

Not model 201 when Lowes is 200. Even if it looks the same it may not be the same. The competitor must have it in stock for Menards to do a match as well, look it up smarty pants if you don't believe me. The likely hood this complainer was told it wouldn't be matched because it was below cost is very low.

Most likely it was a totally different model and thus the dramatic price difference. Regardless Lowes was out of stock after he purchased their last one making the Price Match policy 100% void.