Columbus, Ohio

Menards is not to be trusted. I had a full lite door delivered.

I did not inspect the door before the delivery service left. All cardboard except one side had been removed before delivery. When I moved the one piece of cardboard I found that the miter was awful. But my handyman told me these come off the assembly line very fast and this could be expected and that it was fixable.

When I told him the frame was raw wood he said that is very unusual - that the frame is usually painted during manufacturing. He picked up the door to take it to his shop for painting. So even though I got a 'decent' price on the door I now have to pay for paint and painting time. Then I got an email from him with a picture showing damage to the door.

Inside the frame at one of the hinges the wood is split - not a great place to see damage. He said this to is fixable but I am furious that I have paid for a new door and it looks as if this was removed from an old building somewhere instead of being new. I wish I could include a picture here of the damage.

I will never, ever buy another thing from Menards!! I am furious!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Delivery Service.

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I'm not sure who this wow guy is and if he works for Menards or not. But Dear Coustomer has nos no idea what they are talking about.

Doors sold at Menards are made by Midwest Manufactuing, Although it is not Menards it is owned by the same individual that owns Menards. Yes, Menards is privately owned. Midwest Manufactuing only makes doors for Menards. Since Menards is the only company that sells Midwest Manufacturing doors they have total control of the product that they sell.

They also have direct lines to Midwest Manufacturing for shipping dates and delivery dates. The doors are Shipped by Menards not Midwest Manufacturing.

The painted jamb however is an option with these doors. Most contractors Aluminum Wrap exposed wood now days.


Menards has a person at corprate that answers all these complaints. One of them is "wow" and the other one is " dear customer".

They sit there and reply to all these post and blame it on others and or there suppliers. Go through and read all the replys "wow" is on most of them jusifying there *** employess. I heard and in my opinoin is that "wow" is ***.

Nothing wrong with that, im just saying. God bless free speech.


:zzz menards stores receive their supply from manufacturors. the damage you received was from the supplier directly.

I have shopped at all of the stores. You should have informed Menards of the damage. And the supplier would have been contacted to provide you with shipping direct their cost a new door, and should have been allowed to compensate you for your time with something additional. Which brand of door did you choose?

All of Menards, Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware stores DO NOT MANUFACTURE THEIR OWN PRODUCTS, THEY JUST SELL THEM FROM MANUFACTURORS. So the damage has nothing to do with the store. And no, I dont work for them.

I do my own home improvement, and have remodeled five of my own homes. Just thought you should be informed =) just might have another project to do in the future, and you should know how to handle this dilema if it ever happens with anything else.



so....what your are saying is that you wanted an employee to unpackage your door and inspect every inch of it, then send it to you? i mean you already were complaining about missing packaging.