Dubuque, Iowa
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My husband and I are remodeling our bathroom and have spent approximately $3000 at your stores in both Iowa and Illinois.

On October 29 we visited your store in Montgomery, Illinois. We saw a vanity/sink combination and asked about it. The clerk said it was not in stock in the store, but they could send it from the distribution center in Plano, IL and we could pick it up at the Montgomery store. They called when it was in and we picked it up with $1400 of other merchandise.

We got the vanity home and it did not fit in the area we had. We boxed it up and took it back to the store on December 9th. The young clerk at the return desk was very nice. She said it was special order and we would have to pay a restocking fee. We were very surprised. Having been told it was not "in stock" and had only to be sent from Plano, IL, did not mean "special order" to us. Although the paper said special order, we obviously did not read it fully. Our mistake.

I asked to speak to the manager and he came up to the desk, completely ignoring us. He did not ask us what the issue was, did not greet us, and did not even ask as if he was interested. He asked the clerk who sold it and they called that clerk over the pager system. The manager walked away. We waited for over 30 minutes for the clerk to come to the front. He never showed up. The young girl at the desk was obviously embarrassed and was apologetic to us. We only wanted an answer about why we weren't verbally informed it was a special order. When the clerk did not arrive, we said to reimburse us for the 75% and we'd deal with the home office on the restocking fee. While we were doing that, another clerk came to the front desk. We explained it to her and she was also apologetic.

Everyone knows a manager can waive fees. What's up with the lack of service at Menards? Our answer from customer service email? "I'm very sorry you didn't realize it was a special order. We do print it in

large letters on the special order contract you signed. "

When I emailed them back, I didn't get any reply.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Im a ***. I should shop at home depot more often.

I cannot measure and I love *** in or around my mouth.

Im a tool.... Im sorry for my comment and shouldnt act like such a ***

retail worker 123

SPECIAL ORDER. Simple as that.

You should have known your measurements.

You did what most people do and just guessed. Your fault!


Agree fully with Buyer beware you SIGNED the SPECIAL ORDER contract. Why I'll bet that if you took your car loan papers back to the dealership (or mortgage back to the bank) and told them taht you hadn't VERBALLY been told what interest was - they might just forgive you debt!!!!!!!!!! Give it a shot and let us know how that works out for ya!!!!


If you're illiterate, I understand things can be difficult. Common sense is not so common anymore, huh?

You expect to be told to READ what you are paying for as though it isn't second nature? Been in the real world much?


measure twice, cut once.