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I purchased a picnic table, a grill and an umbrella from your Kenosha, WI

store to be delivered (cost $39 for delivery). Once I received them, my son and his friend put together the grill without issues, but the picnic table holes didn't line up so we called to get it returned and the service I received is the worst I've ever received in my life. Menards manager, Jeff Mackee was not only rude and unhelpful, but extremely unreasonable. He said I would have to pay another delivery charge to have a defective product picked up. He said he'd replace it and I said I would accept that if he could guarantee that the set he replaced it with would be good. My son and his friend wasted 3 hours trying to put this one together and it didn't work. Jeff said he couldn't guarantee it. Then I asked him if he'd pay for his time if it didn't work - he said no. He didn't apologize for the waste of time or money, he was completely unhelpful. Bottom line, one would think it would be Menards responsibility to pick up items that are defective but the response I got back was this....


Freight is for your account.

Thanks, Ray (Menards Guest Services)

What does that even mean? I will NEVER purchase anything from Menards again. BTW Lowes has FREE delivery

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We bought a dryer from menards 2 weeks ago. It stopped working and they won't take it back..

I think it's ridiculous that I need to have a 2 week old dryer fixed... I don't care who pays for it. The manager of the appliance department was not helpful at all.. They don't stand behind what they sell.

I want a new dryer, I don't think that's an unreasonable request.

This one is obviously going to b having problems . I will go to lowes from now on.


The appliance manufacture warranties the dryer. The warranty calls for repair, not replacement.

The only time you will get a replacement is if the appliance doesn't work on delivery or their service people can't fix it. Not any different than buying a new car.

If something goes wrong after 2 weeks you take it to the dealer for repair, not replacement. Next time you buy a product read both the instructions and the warranty that comes with it so you will know how to handle a product that quits working.


Kinda makes ya homesick, don't it?