Beloit, Kansas

I purchased a right handed tub at Menards and the gentleman that rang me up checked to make sure the correct tub was pulled then the guy who loaded it checked to make sure I had the correct tub and finally the guard at the gate also checked to make sure I had the correct tub. Well I guess I should have done their job for them and also checked because after I drove 50 miles back to Concordia and unloaded it and prepared to install it I realized they gave me a left handed tub.

After driving the 100 miles out of my way round trip to return it I didn't even as much as an I'm sorry we messed up. All I got was YOU will need yo unload it and bring it In and then we will pull the correct one.

After leaving with the correct tub I had many miles to think of how wrong they were for what they did and all I really wanted was an apology which I NEVER received so I called the corporate office and I still never received an apology so I wrote to ALL the head people and after two years I still haven't heard back from any of them and I will never step foot or allow anyone in my family to do business with them until I hear back from them. On a side nite I never received all my rebates that I filled out.

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Can anyone guess what LH in product description of a tub / sales receipt / guest copy of an order stands for? derp.

You could have double checked the price tag you were looking at too, since you obviously bought the tub off a part-timer. You could have read the box.. If a customer came in and said i'd done that, I would get demoted / fired.

I bet this guy pointed at a tag and said "i want that one"

if they double checked to make sure you had the right thing, they would have read LH or RH right off the sheet.. im pretty sure you failed at life


Can anyone guess if "Anonymous from Anoka, Minnesota" is a Menards employee? Pretty obvious since they are so good at life.


I agree with Heartless. On a side note, congrats on making the longest run-on sentence I have ever seen.


Quit buying from Menards! The people who work there are scared of losing their job, most so called team members, that says a lot, don't know the first thing about anything in the department. Service at Menards is horrible.


after working there for 1 month , I do not doubt what this Guest is saying


Here's what really happened. The person who wrote you up the invoice made the error, the rest of the people were just going off of the SKU number the original employee used.

You honestly think 3 different people made the error?

Everything matched with the invoice you had so they all thought you had the right thing. What it really comes down to is you double checking the invoice to make sure it is correct, that would have prevented everything else that occurred.


Right on heartless, right on!


OMG, Heartless. No name calling?

No, "you were sooo ***?" Have you finally realized how to be civil?

Keep up the good work. :)