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Menards is by far the absolute worst company to work for handsdown. I worked in the DC for almost 3 years part time while attending college and the only reason i put up with it was to pay my bills I have seen at least a 50-100 people come and go in my 3 years in a department that has about a hundred people working in iton a given day so there turnover has got to be among the worst. I would not suggest this place to anyone and I can give you many reasons why.

Where should I start... management are uneducated individuals that can be be easily controlled or manipulated because of there lack of knowledge of anything they will do whatever the people above them tell them to do no questions asked even if they know it is wrong.

Dont't ever have car problems or get in an accident or anything on your way to work if your more then 5 minutes late its a written warning they accept no excuses or valid reason why your late they will just tell you rules are rules.

You have to clock out to use the restroom! Apparently bathroom breaks are unacceptable at menards your there to work not to ***

They don't understand the concept of part-time employees. They force part-time employees to work 40 hours a week during the summer unless the show proof that they are taking summer classes. Which I dont think that legally can do seeing as how they are part-time employees and not every part-time employee is a student. Plus my school schedule is none of their business and I have already told them the hours I have committed to them and put my signature next to managements signature saying what hours I can work. So obviously they are accepting my commitment, but then they go and force you to work more then your scheduled for, and please don't say that I am lazy complaining about working because I purposely planned my hours around my school schedule and get mad not cause I have to work harder its because I have other places I needed to be. I was a part-time menards employee and and full-time student not the other way around. Your forced to work three out of four friday night and then saturday mornings every month so forget about having any weekends off or having a social life.

They really don't understand the concept of part-time they just see it as someone they pay less to do the same job so they will just force them to do whatever. They change your schedule the day before after you already left for the day without letting you know and then when you go to leave they won't let you leave cause your schedules been changed to make you stay longer. This happens especially on friday nights after you leave. So don't ever make plans ahead of time for your weekend. They will have a person from management stand at the door making sure no one leaves on saturdays even if it is your scheduled time to leave they just assume that no one has a life outside of menards. Does management really have nothing better to do then stand at the door? We can't leave but they have nothing better to then stand guard at the door.

There apparently no excused absenses there either although they say there is... for example: A supervisor got food poisoning and his throat swelled up to the point where he could barely breath and spent the day in the hospitol and had all the paperwork to prove it. Menards gave him a written warning took one of his vacation days away and made him make up that day! Oh and a relatives funeral is not a valid excuse either so tell your grandparents not to die cause you work at menards and wont be able to make the funeral.

I honestly could keep going but I think i have proven my point there is some serious problems at Menards that need to be fixed but won't be as long as management continues to see there bonuses

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I once worked for Menards over 20 years ago, and it appears that little has changed in the decades. I laughed when I read about the complaint that student part timers are being forced to work 40 hour work weeks during the summer.

I hated that policy over 20 years ago and it is still in full force! They are too cheap to pay benefits to full time employees, so they make their part timers full timers to save money! I bet they still aren't paying for OSHA required PPE either. Need hand protection from objects you are required to handle?

They'll dock it from your paycheck even though they are required by law to supply it!

You are required to buy your own Menards T-shirts too! My personal parody of the Menards jingle was "You slave for Money, You slave for Money, when you work Menards!"


Exactly the idiots only gave me 4 hours a day when they could have made me full time but instead hired some slow *** moron instead glad i dont work there anymore


Menards is currently my job after leaving the military, they are worse than the military, everything mentioned above is true. I'm putting in my two weeks soon and have only been working there for about a month.


I worked at a Menards in central Indiana for about a year to help pay for college. Let me tell you, general managers and department managers either make or break your experience.

I'm going to break this down into a few sections: 1. corporate problems, 2. my store's positives, and 3. my store's negatives.


Corporate policies are completely out of touch with actual human beings. Meetings are unimportant at best and managers having to travel to Wisconsin for seminars is ridiculous. I worked part time, which in a larger department like building materials, means at least 40 hours a week. I didn't mind the hours or the overtime, but what I did mind was having ZERO vacation having worked a full year.

I hate the plan o grams: they give you tasks like move all the shelves in an aisle a few inches up, find a place for this new product that we know you don't have room for, or place items on a shelf 8 feet high where even me being 6'2" can't even reach. The displays are also a huge pain: I built a brick water fountain outside in February (having never laid brick or anything of the sort apart from LEGOs) and the plans were utter garbage, cutting, measurements, overall design. Retaining walls showing off colors with no discernible color scheme. Other displays are just terrible if you follow the """instructions""" made by some corporate goon at a desk.

The wood cutting policy is also ***. Boards tend to bow and twist as they dry and when you have 3,000 boards on the sales floor at any given moment one does a ton of cutting. We weren't allowed to recycle any garbage wood and the result is often hundreds of pieces of wood 2 feet long that need pulled, cut, counted, stamped, stocked, and organized faster than they can be sold. It was an enormous waste of time.

Speaking of wasting time, holy *** the surveillance cameras everywhere. I understand the exits, but do I really need one in front of and behind my desk looking down at me?

2. As I said, I worked in building materials, and the manager there was a decent guy. I'd never had issues with having to clock out before going to the restroom, but then again I never abused it.

We were allowed to have drinks at the desk. I started out knowing very little on home building and ended pretty much knowing the materials and know how to build an entire barn or house. The managers aren't above of doing labor alongside you. Almost all of the sales team were kind and helpful.

If there was something I didn't know there were plenty of resources and coworkers to turn to. The customers were nice or just business friendly most all the time. And I got in pretty good shape from the several miles walked every day and the heavy lifting in my department. The GM and two Assistant GMs never just stood around and were never too good to help a guest find something, or load up a sheet of plywood, or have conversation during a slow moment.


The sales managers were great to work with, the front end manager was a total ***. He was the guy that never let cashiers go to the restroom because a few of them abused it (spent every minute on their phones). Him getting snippy was an almost constant, and the turnover rate showed almost every two weeks someone left. There were a number of morning stock crew and receiving/outside yard guys who were just worthless.

Put *** in the wrong space without even trying to look for where it goes, did everything half-assed, didn't count or label stock correctly, or stood around talking when there were other people working around them. On customers, every day or so, you'll have that one bad experience that just makes you want to burst. Some contractors choose that line of career because they have to be the boss all the time, they're alcoholics, or just straight up ***.

-- My favorite experience: It's 8 p.m., it's just me and my manager covering vast building materials department, he was designing an entire barn for someone and I was helping a very old woman and her husband (eighties probably) load bags of mulch on a cart, push it to the registers, and load it in their SUV.

I walk past the board rack and there's a guy maybe in his late 20s says out of nowhere "You guys are the laziest motherf***ers." After a surprised "excuse me" he tells me that he had asked for help loading something like 60 boards and no one came. I told him who I had been busy with earlier and he said, "Not my problem. I don't care. I'm never shopping here again." I waved and walked on.


3. cont. The GMs do have a habit of micromanaging. One of them absolutely must have everything immaculate at all times.

We keep thin paper bags filled with 60 lbs. of dust, stacked on pallets consisting of splinters and nails. The floors are not going to be perfect every minute of the day. For all the ladies who complain about Menards being a boys club, when was the last time someone had you load a furniture shipment into the mezz?

Stock cases of water? Return cartloads of drywall? Spend three hours cutting boards at a saw table in the middle of summer?

Restack a busted pallet of block, concrete bags, or joint compound? Because the two women in my department never did.


Most relatable review I have read I'm am done with Menards they overworked me as if I was a slave


I used to work at a Menards in Ohio.


The location I was hired in was an hour from home during clear weather. They promised me when I completed my manager in training phase they'd transfer me to the location 20 minutes from my home. I completed my training. I asked the asst manager for the paperwork/forms to put in the transfer.

Mark(the asst manager) stated "I'll never sign off on it"(meaning he won't approve it). I stated "once I completed my training phase you said you'd transfer me." he said "yeah I lied"(this ultimately would lead to me quitting because even by his own admission he lied)

2. The actual work load(amount of work) you could have 2 times the amount of workers and not get everything done.

3. Mark the asst.

Manager all he wanted to do is yell and fuss at everyone . never smiled. Even if they offered me 100 dollars an hour to come back I wouldn't . Menards is nothing but a temporary job at best.


I never did anything wrong but they had over 100 cameras mounted in the ceiling. I once got a phone call to inform me "I took too long with that 'guest' and I need to hurry up." What other company has that many cameras to monitor employees.

5. You get yelled at if you help 'guest' because you have so much work to do(like changing price tags, and stacking lumber) that if you help a guest you'll never get your 'chore list' done.

Then wonderful mark will come over and make it seems like you are standing around. I'd rather sell my blood than go back to Menards


Sounds like you worked at the Miamisburg Menards.


I work at Menards and this review is COMPLETE ***!!!!


I agree. The location I work at is AMAZING!!!

Wonderful people, wonderful benefits, and they are very well organized. I LOVE going to work. I can see how other locations may be managed in a less professional manner, but I truly enjoy my location. As an employee, I feel like Menards actually cares about my well-being.

I feel as though some of the negative comments about working here are from people who do not try and fail in their work, and were fired.

Yes, the rules are strict, and that is why they are successful. Get over it.


Menards do not believe in the power of education. They will cancel your shift if business is slow but they are quick to write you up for not clocking out to use the restroom.

They will schedule you 7 hours just to avoid giving you a meal break. They hire unskilled workers. They are not a family oriented business and lastly, the quality of the products sold is poor and they do not want to accept returns. The rebate program is a SCAM.

A huge mistake.

Go to Home depot.


the ***? you can go to the restroom without clocking out.....


At my Menards you don't have to clock out for restroom and anybody who has a 6 hour shift can choose to eat while 7 hours requires the break.


I started working there two months ago and love the customers and really dislike the some of the BS that goes on at the store. We have management that loves to yuck it up with certain employees and won't speak to others.

The meetings are a joke! The young guys sit there and talk sexual in front of the store manager and he acts like its one big boys club. Then there is the bathroom usage issue. I'm told that bathrooms usage is for breaks.

I'm part time and I am working to maybe come off disability. I have IBS brought on by anxiety. For the most part it's not an issue...but when I have to go I don't have time to stand there and discuss it with the front end manager. I brought in a doctors not explaining that the why's of my condition that are usually under control.

The HR person said she has to sent it to corporate to see if I will need to be let go or find another position.....I have had the need to step away from the register twice in almost two months and I seldom take my breaks except to use the restroom. I see management running and other employees running into the bathroom all the time....I get it ...as a chaser I am expected to stand militantly in the line and to give 100%...So, in 6 hours of work I get two ten minute breaks...if I should need to use the bathroom other than that time I am asked to "hold it until break"...Seriously??

Can they harass someone that's on disability and give me hours above what I said I would and could work....I asked for no more than 20 hours a week...it's becoming more than that. I find management at this place odd....I was a nurse manager for over 15 years and some the things that go on here are outrageous!!


Never worked for menards but worked with them when I was with Wagner spraytech. Not the sharpest bunch of people.

They wouldnt take price increases on our power painters a few years back, Wagner (against my wishes) relabeled units so they were actually buying cheap models and paying more for them. That summer menards had many complaints from guests on items missing that should have been in that model, and menards never even bothered to dig into it. I would think if you really cared about your customers, you would correct an issue like that.

I ultimately ended up leaving Wagner because of that and many other reasons. But Menards corporate seemed as though they didnt care that guests were complaining, seeing as they already had their money


I work as a cashier and almost never am allowed to use the bathroom EVER. in total I work 56 hours a week while attending school full time, but I am a part time employee. The policies are *** and everything stated above is 100 percent true.


How long do you get to take a *** after clocking out or should the employee just *** his pants till shift over?


*** at home before ya leave.

@Larry O

Lol exactly what they tell you if you have the balls to ask to go to the restroom.


I think it depends where you are at. I work at Menards and I love it.

I work part time and go to college and they only schedule me for the time I say I am available and are very understanding when I need time off. I make good money and I have fun doing it.


I've only been working there 4 days and already I'm iffy about it. I'm a part time worker working the same hours as a full time worker.

The pay is decent and all but I literally stand around for 8-9 hours doing nothing. *** I work more hours a day than a normal person! And the warning thing is a piece of ***. Get to 10 points and you lose your job?!

Pathetic. It's a good company and its a friendly environment but it has more cons than pros.

May start looking for a new job because I'm already not liking this one.