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Beware if you are going to be doing your X-mas shopping at Menards!!!! They show a lot of items that are low priced, but all this items are is just cheap *** they sell.

Look around at other sales and you will find better products at better prices!!!!!!!!!

When people that you bought the item for try to take it back, all they will recieve is a in- store certificate they will have to use at Menards. They always say they have the best customer service, don't believe it they hire anyone they can that work for the low pay they offer.

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If you pay with check or cash - you'll get cash so long as it is before 90days.

If you use a credit card AS CREDIT - Your gift for the other person will have to be put on an in store credit, because the only other option would be to put the amount back onto YOUR CARD... removing the point of their "gift."

If you use a card AS DEBIT - You will get CASH back so long as before 90days.

If you use a gift card or in store credits or rebates to cover the TOTAL PURCHASE they will receive an in store credit. If you use any of those items as mentioned just prior for only a PARTIAL PAYMENT they will receive the balance not used up by the credits with however you paid as mentioned above.

If you use a credit card you cant expect to get cash back. if you use an in store credit you cant expect to get cash back. if you use a gift card you cant expect to get cash back. if you stole it and you're returning it without a receipt and you complain about not getting cash back, get the *** out of our store.


I don't know about you guys, but Menards pays very well:)




The only way you make a living wage is to move into management and work a lot of overtime including evenings and weekends. Menards starts at minimum wage and the pay scale tops out after 5 years.

After that about the only time you get a raise is if the minimum wage goes up and bumps up the pay scale.

Their profit sharing is their only decent benefit. They have low quality, high priced insurance and they will only pay 1/2 the premium for full time employees, part time people pay the full premium.


your an ***.


I know he sells *** because I worked there and put the *** items on the shelf. You must not know John very well becuase all he cares about is the profit he makes.

The employess are treated poorly, sent home if the management does not want them to work so they can meet their laber %, but still give the worst customer service. Look at the other comments about Menards employee treatment and customer servic, before you say you know what you are talking about.


We're all real emotional. But you're barking up the wrong tree.

I know this man. He wouldn't do that.


You only get an instore credit if you dont have a receipt or its been after 90 days.