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I'm not writing about a bad purchase experience with Menards although I have some if you want them. I'm writing about my experience building a Menards.

As a GC we purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars in materials from Menards and I would think that makes us a good customer but apparently there is no such thing with Menards. John Menard has created a company that specializes in walking all over anyone who stands in the way of a proffit. I have never had such a hard time getting paid on any job before! We had the entire shell of the building up before they released a single dime!

My excavator almost shut down the construction entrance with a his back-*** on the demand that he get paid. They used every excuse and lie to withhold payment. They flat out stole money from my contract and challenged me to try and sue them and their "office full of attorneys". I've never been so mistreated in my life.

Maybe all big box stores are the same but for now I will take all my business to anyone but Menards.

"Save Dirty Money at Menards" - God bless the little man.

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I have done 4 new p5 store fixture sets. Menards is mean lol.

I have been on projects run by 3 different contractors, two of which are now bankrupt. They do whatever they can to not pay and ruin contractors.

I am personally out 20k in just labor for myself. Beware of working for them or atleast have all your stuff together up front and be ready to file a lein.


I have waited a few years to reply to this, we have been through some of the same things as contractors you also know. It's an off chance...but maybe some of us could help each other, would you ever share a contact email or phone number?


on sale items that are popular items they put red tags that look as sales but are actually marked up in price


Heck we don't get paid for pulling their loads. For quality, There is none you should see the junk that comes out of those menards trailers.


Guess I'll be shopping at Lowe's from now on.


$2000 for every day beyond your contract date. The contract date is irrelevant however when they decide to violate it. For instance they decided to bring in the fixture contractor 1 week before my completion date. This meant I had to share the whole site with 75 additional workers and countless lifts and they get to open the store sooner! More money for John Menard! *** on the contractor. They also showed up to my site 4 weeks before my completion date and told me I wasn't far enough and they were bringing another contractor on site and pay him from my contract. I hadn't missed my completion date but that doesn't matter with them. If they are good at anything its finding lawyers who can masterfully script the contracts to position Menards to take money from the contractor. If you don't sign the contract you don't get the job. Forget about changing the contract! So sadly most guys bid their first store thinking Menards is run by people as friendly as the commercial but instead they find ruthless accountants and PM's who have no conscience and no problem with destroying people for the cause of profit.

One of the lines in the Menards contract is "inclement weather is no excuse for delay". So I guess Menards is bigger than God now!

There is a little justice in all of this. The more Menards grows the more their reputation goes before them and the fewer contractors who are willing to bid their work. Those who are willing to bid it are grossly marking up their prices so in the end Menards is raising the cost of all their work. The old adage that cheaters never prosper will prove itself here as well. Menards will fall. I will relish every moment.


I would imagine there are penalties built into your construction contract if you don't finish your work in a timely fashion. Why isn't there language in the contract regarding the issuance of payments?


please get outside more. immediately.


Masterforce - If you don't already work for Menards you should consider sending them your resume. If they turn you down I think you could be an attorney or maybe a used car salesman? In todays business world there are many opportunities for snakes like you to take advantage of good people.

On the store I built we had built everything per plans with no corners cut. We did not receive payment because John Menard knows that the longer he holds back payment from us the more interest he earns on his money. Consequently everyone downstream of that check is paying their bank interest to borrow money so that they can pay the employees and suppliers while John Menard wallows in their profits. Masteforce you are just another greedy *** like the rest of them. Condescending and ignorant!

"High standard of Quality" - that is a joke!!! I will admit that they have nearly perfected the art of capitalizing on people who have morals and a conscience. Maybe nobody does it better? In that respecty their quality is very high.

Again I want to make it known that I don't lump all Menard employees into this category of criminal. But by the time they make upper management they qualify.


Ha, ha.... no it wasnt me in some clever move, this is pretty d*mn funny though.

I come on here for one reason, to read the smart*ss comebacks for the loser guy, Fella. Now is see that he has been fired by his beloved Retards. You gotta love it... *** I may have to start shopping there again, maybe the company has woken up to most of its stupidity.

This is a hoot, Fella Fired by Retards....this is going to make my day. I did happen to notice Fella, you said you were going to have a beer with your "boyfriend" did you come out of the closet all at the same time, or are you a female that is going by the name of Fella....hmmm, things are starting to get interesting on this board, I had only started visiting every week or so, just to keep up with the loser, now I may have to start visiting every day. Good luck with the job hunt, there is always Lowes or Home Depot, of course, you can keep your blue vest and go to Walmart, wouldnt even have to change clothes or anything, probably wouldnt even have to train, there are alot of idiots working there also.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.... you have made my day young man, wow, today will be football, beer and laughing at the Fella....


this is me, the true fella, yes it is true. i am pretty ticked off about the whole thing, i am trying to finish school and now the money runs dry. i may have to write a book someday about all of this, i could sell a million copies just on this website alone.

as far as the other ***, someone else did post using my name, i dont know if it is anti-fella or who, i wish he would stop. i worked hard here to build up my name and reputation on to have it dragged down into the gutter by some f*ckin lowlife like him.

anyone hiring out there?

and quit using my name!


So, did fella really get canned or is the anti-fella trying new tactics to get under his skin?

If you did, serves ya right for being so mean to all the nice people on the internet, ya ***.

If its really anti-fella yanking your chain again, well thats just plain clever.

And a little bit sad.


look dude, I sometimes do and sometimes dont use caps. QUIT trying to impersonate me..

there, i did use caps.

the honest truth is that I did get let go at menards, and it was for going out of my way to help a customer, the mgr seemed to thing i was choosing the customer over the store, that is how the story ended. i will keep posting on here, but I dont appreciate the *** using my name.


everyone knows i don't use capital letters in my messages, ya friggin d0pe. nice try though


It's interesting how many of you confuse accountability with being walked on.


Menards sets a high standard of quality and you call it being greedy.


Do your job right without cutting corners and you will get paid.




This is why I direct my comments towards the head quarters and John Menard. I've known a few people who have worked there and they say it is an organization run by fear.

If you are treated like *** when you go there its probably because they were trained/threatened to treat you that way. Thanks for your comment!

Hopefully a few more people will avoid shopping there and a few less dollars will go into John's pocket. Bottles up!


I am changing my tune, I got fired today for actually trying to help a customer. I am no longer supporting Menards on this website or anywhere else.

They are corrupt, I have seen it over and over, I have been trained to treat people like *** and defend the store no matter what the situation is. I am sorry for offending many people in the past on this website, and at times, being kind of obusive to you. My deepest apologies to all of you. I am going to complete my degree online and hopefully find a successful career with a reputable company.

As for tonight, I am just going to sit here with m y boyfriend and get drunk...

Menards sucks... my new motto.


do you work for kraus-anderson?