Cincinnati, Ohio

This is a free country. You have no right to pretend to tell your employees how to vote, explain the issues, give advice, pretend to educate, when in reality you are simply trying to influence the United States election for president.

Romney and his ilch are nothing more than greedy investors who gobble up companies, end jobs and/or chip them out of this country. You are doing a great disserve with your propaganda.

More to the point, you have overstepped your bounds. Your job is to deliver service and quality to customers, not lies to your workers and voters.

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i AM a menards employee. i AM an american.

i believe we should have our right to bear arms, our freedom of speech. i believe in the freedoms the consitution and our fore fathers have given us. i believe i should not have to press 1 for english. and i voted for MITT ROMNEY.

not because my employer preached to me (in fact i heard nothing of the presidential race other than who other co-workers were voting for) where people got this idea is either ludicris or it skipped over our store completely.

i wans't forced to vote for romney i did it under my own free will because i can't stand obama and his dictatorish ways! the sooner he's impeached the better off this country will be!


Hilarious and obviously retarded. The *** that has a problem with Menards influencing their employees to vote for a specific candidate needs to see a proctologist and have his head removed from his rectum.

The vast majority of unions support the democrats and exert criminal influence on their members to do the same. Furthurmore, calling Romney a liar is ludicrous. Obama is, as a matter of fact, guilty of being the most dishonest president in the history of our once great nation. It looks like we are in for another 4 years of a deteriorating economy, more attacks on our constitution, attacks on those who take monumental risks that make this country great, etc.

He is a condescending arrogant ***. Remember, the govenment has no money and does not generate any revenue whatsoever. Without the government we would survive.

Without free enterprise we would not.


They've tried to brainwash me, but it did not work. Voting Obama!


your an ***!!!


It is difficult to brainwash *** from an oboy, as they usually have a spare load in their diaper.


Vote Romney and end unions welfare the EPA and planned parenthood. Quit mooching off the socialist government you *** minorities.


You start your argument with it, and then you try and tell Menards what rights they have and what they can and cannot do. Last i checked it was a free country, and menards is free to have this optional information available. Just because your view differs, doesnt mean they dont have the right.


I gather you went to a public school as you offer allegations but nothing in the way of examples.