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I worked for Menards for several years and gave them not only most of my weekly time but lots of sweat and hard work. I was unjustly fired without any real review of case facts.

They just seemed like they were ready to get me out the door. I realize they can fire someone for any reason they want and that is not the problem I have with them. The problem I have is that they denied me unemployment after I had been let go of, when I was deserving of it and in much need at the time. I just feel that Menards is a company that doesn't care at all about the community it's in, it's shoppers, or even it's own workers.

Like I've seen on here before and heard in the meetings I was a part of while working there before " just get the cash"...that pretty well sums it up for the company.

Just get the cash, and as long as they don't have to hear about to much complaining about your stores location then Menards doesn't care. It's just about the dollars coming in...Good luck shopping there if you like to be screwed.

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*** menards I bought paint their with ur color match supposedly took it home and painted after I was done screwed up all my walls they refused to do anything other than give my money back after I painted my whole house


My grandson was hired at Menards job fair over a week ago. Today, when he was scheduled to go to orientation, they called and said they didn't have a job for him at this time.

WHAT???? You hired him last week, he was so happy to get a job, told his friends he had a job, bought work clothes, and now Menards pulls this!!!!!

Heartless!! Menards gave him no reason why the job he had is now no longer there?????????????????


First off, you don't even say what you were fired for - you probably don't want to say because it would show you were justifiably fired. And, being a former HR Coordinator with Menards, they don't just fire people for the *** of it.

They make sure they have documentation. And for your unemployment to be denied, they have to have proof that your termination was justifiable - and trust me, the unemployment dept loves giving people unemployment, so if you didn't get it, you definitely didn't deserve it.

You probably would be one of the lazy bums who just sit home and collect unemployment. I can't tell you how many people I've interviewed at my new job who say they aren't interested because they would rather sit home and collect $$ for doing nothing (unemployment).

Man up, admit you screwed up, and move on.


It's at will employment you ignorant ***. They can fire you for any reason or no reason at all


The slogan is 'take the $' & it makes good business sense to me. I'm sure they had a legit reason to fire you and not give you unemployment.

They cannot just fire you for any reason I would know... You just sound spiteful.


You're right about one thing it's all about the money. My General managers and department managers would always say we know their STUPlD, but it doesn't matter we just want their money.

They can treat you however and your suppose to take it so we can just take more of their ignorant money. Don't know just read the box. Just tell them what they want to hear so we can keep getting their money. Managers are useless all they do is bully their employees and collect their pay checks.

Best friends with the managers great working conditions managers don't like you for some silly reason expect to be bullied until you quit. Menards is beyond corrupt and it starts with the clueless general office. There is an extreme disconnect from the general office and the stores. All Menards cares about is the $$$$ it does not care for its workers at all.

Menards must have done a better job of showing they had cause to fire you.

Appeal it and force them to do a hearing. Make sure you have real facts and deny anything Menards claim to have happened.


Menards can't decide if you get unemployment or not. The state reviews you claim and their response.

They obviously had cause to let you go, or the state would have paid your unemployment claim.

You have the right to appeal that decision if you don't feel it is correct. Have you filed and appeal?