Valparaiso, Indiana

get ready to see the united states attorney general menards especially for ed in the Michigan city store. I believe the Indiana attorney general with deal with your *** and your issus refusing people to return products after all you ae responsible for the store.

For all those who filed for the rebate well everyone who has done this in the past needs to file small court actions against the local store where happened because menards never meant to give anyone money back the owners are a *** joke.

Soon I will have all phone numbers to your company and will flood the nternet with them and others will get answers since you menards likes hiding a wall. Wait til the americans start protesting your stores

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $500.

  • all gas power equipment
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everywhere in the store states the return policy maybe if you could read this would not be a problem tired of dealing with people like you


Lol what a drama queen


READ THE RETURN POLICY BEFORE YOU BUY AND YOU WONT HAVE THIS ISSUE!!! Its not Menards fault you didn't read the return policy.


I expect you bought a gas powered power washer and didn't read the posted return policy saying gas powered products have to be taken to a service center for repair if anything goes wrong during the warranty period. Menards also clearly posts their return policies at the front of the store as well as on their receipts. The AG isn't going to help you as Menards is no doing anything illegal.


Motherf uck Menards!


Hahahaha good luck buddy