Chicago, Illinois

Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I thought might be able to shop on your site but all I get is your sale ad or a big card offer.I'm a contractor that at times has to check prices in a hurry or at strange hours.I want neither your ad or big card.I also love to go through your lack of checkouts stuck behind someone buying groceries needing a price check just like at the real grocery store.Lowes website is not great but you can at least price materials and tools.Thus they get more of my business whether they're higher or not.I'd say $75,000 a year minimum from just one little guy is worth taking a look at some improvements.See you at Lowes until this happens.

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Wow, that was an original complaint. How long did it take you to come up with that one? :grin


we don't put our prices online because being a smart business in itself we don't want to be outdone by other companies with pricing...we do comp. most prices if you bring in proof of the competitor's price...ive read some complaints on here and I dont believe any business is perfect, lowes or menards...i dont think you should base your opinion on the whole company, many people are actually very good and knowledgeable about the products, its just individuals who dont care to learn....i admit the training isnt always the best, but people expect someone to know everything and it's just not possible...but if u do get a good employee who is thorough with everything, there's a huge difference...unlike everyone that hates menards, there are people who work there and care about their job and customers, sorry you talked to the wrong ones.


If you are a contractor you should be registered in their contractor program. They have dedicated reps for contractors.

A quick call to the contractor desk will get you a quote. When was the last time a Lowes rep came to your jobsite?


Why is it a law or something that Menards has to put all there prices on line? I like Menards cause they care about the customers and aren't impersonal like someof the other big box reatialers.

I could care less if stuff is on line, go to the building materials department and they'll get you all of the prices and help you pick out the best stuff and deals for your building projects. On line isn't going to get lumber in your truck!!!!!


now you have no excuse, ya ***.