East Peoria, Illinois

The help has always been there ready and willing to give service. I have been doing some remodeling of cosmetic nature for a home and have found them more than at tentative in all departments with the exception of one issue.

I told the person mixing paint that it was for a kitchen which means a semi-gloss base. The person asked me a couple of questions about the cabinets and at the same time was training a person. My displeasure is he gave me an eggshell base which I noticed after painting the entire kitchen. I will have to redo the paint job since it is DULL!

He was so worried about training the new female worker that semi-gloss was unimportant. He did get the right base for the bathroom paint.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Remodeling.

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Menards does not have stores in Washington you really should be more specific or stop being so delusional.


he means menards in washington, illinois ***