Reston, Virginia

wanted to purchase a gas powered auger/post hole digger: When I finally Got "Kevin" from hardware on the phone, He insisted they did not carry that item anylonger..I Nicely asked Him If He was Sure, because I had seen them there about a month ago...He insisted they DID NOT have them there..I drove to the store to see for Myself.....they had 3 in stock on the shelf in Plain view....Well, I was pretty mad, But why didnt I get the truth???...I went to Harbor Freight & bought one there.. Menards lost a 200 dollar sale.

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You get enough of those lost two hundred dollar sales, and I'll bet your CEO might take an interest.


hi i have a question what is it do you no when wqaterloo east post to be built


A 200 dollar sale. Please, no!

Are you serious, nobody cares. :grin


Ok i understand you're fustration. however i have 2 issues.

Did you ask kevin if he was the manager or ask if he could physically check that they were out? second good luck with the one from harbor freight it will most likely break after 2 uses.