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I find it atrocious how the managerr Daryl in Beloit treats his employees. He is trying to get rid of ALL full timers and one in particular.

A older lady named Beth she used to work the custome service desk and was a warm friendly person to deal with. She never mis treated anyone. Then one day we come in the store and mind you me and my husband are regulars as we own our own construction business. a younger lady was thier.

Who is NOT friendly at all! This young gal never smiles never says hi but apparently Daryl likes her so thier she is. We found Beth working the registers and after dealing with her on a regular basis for over a year we were surprised because we know how hard it is on her back and legs. When we asked her WHY she down thier in stead of service she said she didnt know this is where they want her from now on.

You could clearly see the pain she was in standing at these registers.Now i go in to see Beth not thier at all when it was a regular shift for her so i asked the girl at the service desk who informed me she was suspended for not being nice and being her cranky usual self and chickled! Ok first off she NEVER was cranky always helpful and smiled2nd off why does a regular emplyoee know why another was suspened And lastly i have heard the things Beth's manager has said to her in the past i have wanted to confront him about treating someone the way he does, employee's are not DOGS to be called names. Beth asked us not to becuase he already didnt like her for some reason and she was afraid of getting fired if a customer spoke up for her. The next time i go in and see her i am getting her info because if i go in to see she isnt thier i am going to call and if she was fired i will be taking my business to Home Depot!

She has fixed everything the rest have screwed up on( wrong sizes, wrong material, wrong color etc) and is the best they have thier i think they need a new manager who knows how to treat people to t ake over. If menards looses my business i have fellow friends that are owners of others business that will be taking thier business elsewhere as well so they will loose ALOT of regulars.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

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oh by the way mr or mrs *** i think that everyone has figured out you are a menards employee,probably at the home office sticking up for your screwed up company.you are on most threads here telling everyone their wrong just like a good little genral office henchman does.good luck because most of the people have VALID complaints and know the truth.in the end your buddy john will probably *** over too,wait for it,it will come in time. oh also i said before i was a former employee so let me defend myself before you stat on me and say that i was probably fired and i am upset at the company.i quit because i found a job that had a real future where i could make more than your max wage for everyone in the stores(i belive it was 14.70 hr)that no-one seems to reach before you find a reason to get rid of them to keep the almighty payroll down. good luck with all of this and above all cut the ***(darrell from beloit wis)before he gets your company sued by someone for getting hit by another one of darrell's flying chairs when he gets a little upset


Lmao!!! You hit the nail right on the head with this one.

I won't say it, but I think I know who this is. And I agree completely. At the rate Menards is going with the way they are treating their employees and driving good, hard working, intelligent people away to other jobs, they are eventually going to cross that wrong person that is sick of puting up with their *** and sue their *** for any number of various employment violations in any of the states in which they opperate. I just hope that when it happens I get to see John's face on TV as they slowly drain his fortune away for being a selfish ***!

That is all. :)


karma is a ***.in time when they use up daryl and he cant act a a yes man for john anymore he will find himself in the same boat, the people up north will make up some reason(there a quite a few real ones now)to make him go away.i am a former employee there also and know there are a few issues already, like the cc sales manager getting fired and ALL the managment and employees knowing about that conflict of intrest(being a mgr and owning rental properties and working on that on the clock)darrell(the right spelling)knew it was going on,or should have,as he is responsable for what goes on in his store.he should have lost his job then also.it will come someday,hopefully soon for the other employees that still have to put up with his degrading,anus like ways.


Okay so I am not trying to back up the manager at the store but I am just going to say how idiotic you people are! do you really believe that the manager of the store is that dumb that he would write his own name and such a harsh comment on a two bit cry to your mommy website?

plus the whole fact that it says "Daryl" is from Reston, Virginia while 1) Menards does not even have a store in Virginia and 2) Daryl is the store manager in Beloit, WI. That is all I have to say.


Hey Josaw. Check out my experience @ menards screws me again.

Daryl is a piece of ***! The only thing that he needs to be in charge of is cleaning the *** out of the toilets after the 7 a.m. contractor meetings in the bathroom.

And I know Beth because, I'm a regular as well and the way she has been treated is criminal. I have pulled my accounts with this *** *** store and opened up with Home Depot....Highly recommend the same for you as well.


The longer your employed, the more money you make the more expendable you are at Menards. EVERYTHING is tied into PTS *payroll to sales and if you haven't figured our that the newer employees who are paid less get more hours, then you need to wake up. The avg age of management is 25-28, and there's a reason for it, they make easy puppets. IF you noticed the managers who care about their employees and customer relations are jacked with.

Everyone who works at menards and is required to take a lunch break, start documenting every day you went on break and had no one to pass the phone and radio off too or you were called away from your dinner break. IT IS ILLEGAL FOR ANY EMPLOYER TO REQUIRE THIS OF THEIR EMPLOYEES. AN EMPLOYER MUST OFFER THEIR EMPLOYEES AND UNINTERRUPTED BREAK! All it takes is one person to file and Menards will be required to pay them and every other employee those wages, plus interest and penalties. Wisconsin does not require employers to provide breaks, including lunch

breaks, for workers 18 years old or older, although it is recommended. An

employer who chooses to provide a break in excess of 30 minutes does not

have to pay wages for the break period if the employee is free to leave the

worksite and the employee does not actually perform work. Breaks lasting

less than 30 minutes must be paid. WAC, Chapter DWD 274.02(2)

My sister worked at Meanards and quit after they told her she could not leave the building if there wasn't anyone in the dept or another dept to take her communication equipment.

JOHN only relates to one thing and one thing only MONEY! Nothing else!

He's as big of a bully as Dixon was and he was fired because he stomach butt the Merchandising buyer. I heard he couldn't chest bump him, as his stomach is to fat!



Menards, got me to!!!


Let me say a fue things, (Dayrl), I think you have some thing going on that you dont want your bosses to know, if you don't you woulden't have said to "zip your lip" that is most disrepectfull and uncalled for. You are to be above that and show repect no matter what happens when you are sitting in that MGNT seat.

Your people that are working for "Menards" NOT YOU, are depending on you to take care of them when they are on the clock, they are not "DOGS" and shouldn't be treated as such. If you where working as mgnt in my business I would be looking into your conduct and talking to every one you are to be watching over and helping and i bet you wouldnt be so clean and propper.

The way you are acting you would be loosing me money, and I bet you are loosing Menards money with your ATT. In closeing you sound like you need to go back to charm school and be a better peirson.


What he does with his employees is none of your business... Just because you deal with his 20 minutes a week doesn't mean she isn't terrible the other 39 hours and 40 minutes. Back off


Well Daryl i guess you verified josaw's statements. You do seem to be a real *** (if it was really you).


Well Daryl i guess you verified josaw's statements. You do seem to be a real *** (if it was really you).


Hi this is Daryl. Im sorry your dissatisfied with my staff however I insist you keep to yourself and zip the lip.

Your more then welcome to go to lowes or home depot or even the janesville menards.

thank you come again