Chantilly, Virginia

Had Menards near me call other branch in Indianapolis on Rockville road set aside parts I needed. Referred that I would be by later in day to pick up.

Drove 30 minutes to location to have them tell me that I didn't show up so they put on shelf. Of course went to shelf and didn't have what I had needed. Horrible service and as a contractor I will not be back. Also asked employee where something was and he just shrugged his shoulders.

Horrible place, no service.

Thought Home Depot was bad till visiting a Menards. Not a very good impression for first time customer.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Doesn't matter if you prepay or not. We prepaid for an item (last one in stock) and had them put our name on it and they still sold it to someone else!


You know, that is... actually, that's a pretty good point.


If you tell someone you're going to be in to pick something up, don't wait all day long... We have tons of different products coming and going, people returning things, things to put on the shelf, and I'm sure there are other customers who call ahead like you did! We are not the local goodwill.. we're not a food pantry... we don't do your shopping for you.... If you're not going to be prompt about picking your stuff up, we're going to put it back on the shelf for a customer who may also want to buy it and who will actually be taking it with them.

PRE PAY so we know you're serious ... customers leave stuff around, cluttering out desks, etc. all day long because they "forget"...

Think about it that way.