Lakemont, Georgia
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Customer service

I went to return a heater vent I had purchased for 12.98 with no receipt and they wanted to give me a return of 7.99! I looked and the price was still 12.98!! Pissed me off with their bad service too

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Nice post! Hold up, you have no information what so ever.

First of all there is not one Menards store in Georgia. Matter of fact they don't even have one store south of Missouri. Second of all it's your job as a consumer to keep your receipt. With out it the best they can do is the lowest sale price or even exchange of the item.

BECAUSE PEOPLE ATTEMPT TO STEAL FROM THEM WITH RECEIPT SCAMS. The item is on sale you purchase it paying $7.99, a few days later it's no longer on sale you attempt to return it with out a receipt and want $12.98 back. You just gained $4.99..... People will take the item off the shelf without paying for it and walk straight up to the return desk and try to return it for cash.

As a consumer it's your responsibility to keep your receipt for proof of purchase. If you expect retail stores to be accountable you the consumer also needs to be accountable. You're lucky they offered you anything at all. They could have simply said no.

You say bad service, I say bad consumer. Do you see how much I wrote compared to you? If we turned this for a grade to a professor I would get an A, and you would get an F. If your going to make such a post in the future I highly suggest you pack it with as much information as you can.

In order to have a real argument you need to be able to support it with facts. However, your ignorance is glaring.


Without a receipt you get a store credit for the lowest sale price. Pretty standard policy at most retail stores.

If you paid with a credit or debit card you can look up your receipt at the store. Why should they refund full price for something purchased on sale? The only way you can prove you paid full price is to present your receipt. It is not a stores responsibility to keep track of your receipts for you.

Don't blame the store for your lack of ability to keep track of your receipts. At least you are offered credit for the sale price...they could refuse to take the product back at all without a receipt.