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Menards in Platteville, WI sold my husband a chest freezer (Ours quit working about a day earlier and we were worried everything would spoil if we didnt act fast). We took the top of the box off and something smashed the top corner of the fridge, which caused the hinges to be bent and the freezer lid to be offcenter by about two inches.

There was no way this would function as a freezer so I called and drove back into town to exchange it. When I got there I asked if I could get something (credit or anything) for coming all the way back into town. The girl at the counter told me "We dont do that". Fine.

Customer service is LACKING. I liked Menards untill this point and will tell everyone I know not to shop at Platteville's. I didnt have time to drive another 20min back into Platteville, exchange it, and drive another 20 min home.

I just wanted something to show they were sorry. ***, a sorry at all would suffice.

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So, you purcahsed a product that was damaged inside the container. Sounds like Menards was going to exchange the damaged freezer for an undamaged freeze; sounds fair to me.

You already drove the whopping twenty minutes to bring back the damaged freezer, open the box to inspect the one they are exchanging with you in order to eliminated the need to go back again.

I know for a fact that a Menards team member would go to "the back" to at least attempt to find the light bulb.

The other part of this is that those sale items are being sold at little or no gain for Menards. That is not your fault, but think about how fast things go when being given away


Menards has and will sell damaged goods. Many times when I order materials to be delivered, the faulty picked over items get sent and then I have to send them back on the delivery wagon.

I have been sent visibly damaged doors, cabinets, insulation, lumber etc. The only thing menards has going are their cheap prices - think walmart of building materials


I was at Menards in Sandusky Oh on Sun 2/5, they had a display of light bulbs on sale for 99c, They were out of the ones I wanted, was told they would not be getting anymore so I went to the aisle of light bulbs, found another 3 way on sale for 99c but only found one of said bulb so went to customer service to inquire if they had anymore, was told there were 29 more but then after they checked with worker from that area was told that I could't purchase any because they were still in back room because they had just come in that day, I'm very displeased because before Christmas I came in store 2 days in a row and had to get rainchecks for all 3 items I was after, the one item was discontinued yet still they gave a raincheck, went back to store on 3 diff occasions to try to get items that is when I found out the one was discontinued and should never of been given raincheck to begin with, the next item, even though computer said they had 250 of them, no one was able to find them, 3rd item after 3 trips I finally got. I called store on 2/5 after that trip and talked to manager, his only response was "You're right if item is in store customer should be allowed to buy it" as far as I am concerned that was not really an acceptable answer, I have disability and it is difficult for me to get in the store. By the way the 3 way light bulbs were on sale and the sale ended that day so could it be that is why they weren't willing to stock the shelf with something that was actually in the store since they were stocking other light bulbs in that aisle at that exact time.


Self entitlement is a huge issue in America. Guest service was hardly lacking.

You were simply told no. You basically asked them to pay for your gas. How foolish or silly is this.

They don't know when or where this item got damaged for all they know you could have damaged it.

Get over yourself. You make Americans look bad.


You're own *** fault dumb *ss


call and talk to the store manager. I'm sure that they can get you some sort of discount on the appliance to make up for the damage if you ask.


Most of the time when appliances are damaged it is concealed. Menards wouldn't have sold it like that had they known.

They can't help it. Sometimes you have to make a 2nd trip, accidents happen