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Last year I bought a glass top stove and also purchased extra warranty, less than a month later it cracked, not only would menards not replace it they would not return the money I paid for extended warranty! Plus the cost to replace the glass was going to cost MORE than the whole stove!

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Why would you expect them to replace the range for you? Its clearly outside of the warranty period.

Its black and white. Sorry for your luck, but the tops don't just crack for the fun of it.


To start with an extended service plan starts after the one year manufacturer warranty expires. The manufacturer warranty and service plans cover defects in the product, not damage.

It's not their fault you broke the glass on the cooktop. The extended warranty is issued through a service company. There is no provision in the plan for a refund for any reason including selling the range, moving out of the house or damage caused to the range.

Menards did nothing wrong in not refunding the price of the service plan. You wouldn't expect a car dealer to repair a car you backed into a post and damaged the back fender, why would you expect Menards to fix a range you broke?