Omaha, Nebraska

I purchased a lawn mower from Menards in April 2006. The friendly sales person informed me of a 30 day warranty through Menards and a 2 year warranty through the manufacturer for defects.

In April 2006, the mower would not start. Like any person, I blamed it on the retail store. I called them up and told them that they had better give me a new lawn mower or else I would call the Better Business Bureau.

When I drove to their store, they informed me that they only offer a 30 day guarantee on gas powered equipment and that they would not give me a brand new lawn mower. They told me that I would have to take my lawn mower to a local service center and that it would be fixed under warranty and I would not have to pay a dime.

I took my mower to the service center and they refused to fix it under warranty because I did not have my receipt showing the date of purchase. I called up Menards and screamed at them for selling me a piece of *** mower. The manager at Menards offered to print a receipt at the store using their receipt machine by their returns desk for me to give to the Service center.

I tried this and the service center took my mower. The next day I received a call informing me that nothing was wrong with my mower, but that I had used bad gas! Can you believe it? The gas I used for the last mowing in September 2006 was not good anymore. Those oil companies make bad gas! Who would have thought!

Never the less, I had to pay for them to tell me that my gas was bad after only 6 months. Again I called and screamed at the Menards manager. He apologized and said that bad gas is not a factory defect and said that he could not give me money to compensate me for the price to have the mower looked at.

Shouldn't Menards pay for this? How can they stay in business? They are lucky that there is always someone around to help me when I shop there and that their prices are even lower than Walmart's prices, otherwise I would go somewhere else with my money!

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Uh, if you bought food and left it in your refrigerator for 6 months, would you scream at the grocer because you became ill? I believe even your owner's manual would show you to empty out your gas tank at the end of the year. You can read, can't you?


We deal with retards like you every day. How the *** do you make it though the day.

You cant even operate a lawn mower.... Some people.


It's not Menards fault that you are *** and don't know how the put gas in a mower. I work at Menards and some people can be ***.

I lady came in the other day and wanted to return some paint that was bad. When we asked what was wrong she said that it froze because she left it in her car overnight at it froze. You can't expect a stor to replace something becasue your ***.

If I buy a mirror and drop it I'm not going to the store and yelling at them for selling a bad product. I'm going to call myself a dumba** and move on.


"Menard's Gave Me Service" -- That's what she said.


well dumba@@ Heres Your sign

stale gas is your'e fault haha

woulda charge ya extra $25 just for being a dumba@@ ..guys like you make me wealthy id billed ya $85

old fuel like money in the bank


ARE YOU ***??? People put gas additives in there mowers during the winter for a reason!

How is it menards fault ur an ***???

Gas companys dont gurarantee gas that sits for 6 months as u let the carb get varnished and the dirt( which there is in any gas u buy) seperates from the gasoline! :grin


that's your fault ***, here's your button, leave the country.


Of course gas goes bad after sitting in the tank for 6 month. *** *** Someone should call this person and yell at them for being a ******* ***.

Supid people *** me off. I don't have to deal with the regular public very often.

I guess that I am just lucky that I am a Chemical Engineer. So I don't have to be around dumb ******* people.


k, I really don't think this is a for real complaint. First of all, they're lucky they're nice or I would go somewhere else?

I do hope your employer gets a tax write-off for your employment. That is the lamest thing i have ever heard.

This sounds like a feeble attempt at making them look good. I would have told ya to shove it.


*** off old man and *** to someone who cares. It your own fault for everything you did. Just because no one likes you and your all alone and your dad molested you when you were a kid gives you no right to blame Menards.


Use Stabil fuel stabilizer next time in your gas can which will most likely prevent issues with gasoline going bad. I add it to every gas can whether or not I'm storing the fuel over the winter or using it directly in the mowing months.


The OP sounds like he/she wrote a fake ad, to make Menards sound good.... each step he/she did something rude or obnoxious and demanding... never ASKING or giving anyone a chance to help before being a total hole.

And yes, fuel goes bad, but I once bought a new weedwhacker, only to have same no-start issue.... I was new to gas 2 cycle engines, and found I was not doing the choke, pull 6X thing correctly. Now I got two of em, that run good, evne on old gas!

Come on... was this thread even real?


You sound like the biggest cry baby I have ever heard. Menards sounds like a great place to shop.

Do you even know how to put oil in your car? You need to buy an electric mower, but you would probably blame them if you ran over the power cord.


(clapping) :)


I agree....if it was me, you would have been told to go to Lowe's on the first call. How is it the fault of Menard's that YOU did something wrong with your mower.

People like you are the reason we have prisions....not because you are a crook, but because you make people want to commit crimes against you. Please, on behalf of the managers at the Menard's you went to (because they didn't say it)...Don't come back.

Go pay more somewhere else. Then when you *** up, you can blame it on them.


... are you kidding me???

you called up menards and bitched at them multiple times and somehow you still got them to be nice to you and try to help you out and after all of that it was your *** that ruined the mower and you still proceeded to call menards and ***???

i feel sorry for whoever didnt hang up on you. i would.