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Tanks suck. Have very little pressure. Took half an hour to boil water

Review about: Gas Tank.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hell, Michigan, United States #1341110

This individual represents the average intelligence of a Menards customer. Has zero clue how to write a compelling argument. Wrote two vague sentences with the vocabulary of an elementary student, sigh.....


What exactly are you babbling on about? What kind of tanks are you talking about?

What kind of tanks build water?

What does pressure have to do with boiling water? If you are going to post a complaint include details of what the product is and what the problem is rather than vague references to some kind of tank.

to Anonymous #1360339

Likely a reference to the propane tanks leased out at the store front. Which is, typically, misguided since Menards does NOT provide or service these tanks, they are contracted through a local company.

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