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I purchased an EarthQuake rear tine rototiller from Menard. I assembled the equipment after reading the assemby and users manual.

Withing twenty minutes of trying to use the rototiller on last years garden plot, the drive transmission broke. I brought the unit back to Menard the next day to find out they do not allow returns, refunds, or exchanges if you have already put gas in the device. They also do not assist with getting the machine repaired. Once you put gas in the equipment, it's yours for life.

Menard washes there hands of any involvement. I simply want consumers to be aware of the exception to Menard's return policy for gas powered equipment so they can make an educated decision.

Monetary Loss: $399.

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Mothers *** in Muncie did the same to me. Then sent me to *** *** to get it looked at , then told to send it in at my cost.


Ok, so i have read all the pros and cons, and i am nothing more than a business owner that reads into profits and losses, this is fun for me. Here it is all you "smart" people out there.

Gas powered products notoriously have little margin in them, the manufacturer nor the retailer make much money, at all. Clothing, shoes, etc, lots of margin, money all over, manufacturers and retailers, whats a few returns. But over more than all of that, what's usually the number one reason for a gas powered product to be returned? Anyone?

The person that "read the manual" or used fresh gas didn't, nope, you screwed it up, forgot the oil, used fuel with too high of ethanol, forgot the darn power switch in the off position. Everyone finally had enough, where is Murray? Gone! Where is Tecumseh?

Gone! They finally had to say we can't keep eating these or we will go out of business too! But what do you care, as long as you get yours right?

Think outside of your tiny little box for once at a big picture, you will surprise yourself. So you have to take a product to a service center to make sure you didn't screw it up, there could be worse things......


Similar story on a generator I bought. Box says 2000 Watt, small print says 1400 Watts (2000 Watts peak).

I tried it and it wouldn't run a small saw. So I put a meter on it and could only get about 600 Watts. A little internet research on this unit shows many similar complaints. Comments from the manufacturer I found online imply that it should produce up to 11.2A (about 1300 Watts peak).

Of course Menard's wants me to haul it to their choice of service centers, and pay for troubleshooting and repairs. Then I might be able to get reimbursed for that (who knows).

I paid for what was advertised as a new 2000 Watt generator. What I got is one that is about 1/4 that size.

If some shop is possibly able to make this generator actually do what it is supposed to I, at best, would have a repaired/refurbished unit.

When I worked retail part of my job was processing returns with distributors or manufacturers. (so the store would be reimbursed).


I wish I had done my research before or had seen your warning before buying a gas-powered power washer from Menards. The new-in-box power washer I bought was D.O.A.

It didn't break after a few uses, nor did I attempt to return it several weeks later. The thing literally never work for even a minute. So I took it back to Menards a couple days later, fully expecting they would exchange it for the same model as they do for essentially any other product they sell. Instead, they instructed me to take it to a local small engine repair shop.

This shop has now had it for 4 weeks without repair.

The responses that other people (presumably Menards employees) are giving you saying "tough luck" are disingenuous and beside the point. Everyone knows that no retailer is legally obliged to give you any sort of refund or even store credit for ANYTHING. The can all fall back on the manufacturer's warranty as the sole recourse for the customer regarding performance or suitability of a product.

For example, the fact that Kohl's will give full cash refunds on clothing that has clearly been worn is not a matter of legal responsibility, but rather of a higher standard of customer service that they believe leads to more profit than if they took an "All Sales Final" approach.

Menards takes a similar approach. They will issue refunds or exchanges for all manner of products they sell if they are defective or even if the customer believes the product is unsuitable. Menards doesn't have to do that for ANYTHING they sell, not just gas-powered equipment. You buy an electric table saw and find the motor doesn't work, or it's scratched, or there are accessories missing from the box, or even if you made a mistake or didn't do any research and discover it isn't powerful enough to do the job you want it to do when you try it out - then Menards will gladly take it back.

If you have the receipt, they'll give you a full refund. What do they do with these items? They don't reshelf them if they're used, broken, or defective. They send the items back to the manufacturer or "eat" the loss themselves.

So why is gas-powered equipment handled differently? I'm sure Menards has what they consider valid reasons. But they are ARCANE reasons that the average customer should not be expected to know. When a store has a generous return policy that covers 99% of what they sell, customers assume that since they are dealing with a supposedly reputable major chain that they stand behind everything they sell the same way.

They don't expect fine print "gotchas" in the return policy.

So it should be incumbent upon Menards to more explicitly inform customers buying from one small segment of regular stocked items that these items are essentially being sold "All Sales Final" - as if you were buying it off some guy in an unmarked white van - and that you have no recourse with them should there be any problems. Getting back to the Kohl's example, imagine if they decided that every item could be returned except brown dress shoes. Why?

It doesn't matter - it's in the fine print of the return policy. Wouldn't you think they'd make a reasonable effort to inform purchasers of brown dress shoes about their policy? In my case, I did NOT see any signs stating that gas-powered equipment was sold on an "All Sales Final" basis. I did not see the signs last winter when I bought a gas-powered snow blower there either.

Nor, when I was asking several Menards employees at several different locations about different makes of equipment about issues such as reliability and performance did ANY of them volunteer or caution about their unusual and unexpected "All Sales Final" policy. Nor in either case was I informed at the checkout that I was buying the item on an "All Sales Final" basis, even as they took the time to offer me extended warranty. I certainly would have never taken the chance if they had informed me in advance that I would be stuck with a DOA with no exchange option. I don't know what I would have done if I had to wait 4 weeks in January for my snow blower to be repaired by some fly-by-night local small engine shop.

Long story short, I hope your warning helps potential customers who are considering buying gas-powered equipment from Menards. Home Depot has more respect for its customers and offers a full return policy on their gas-powered items.

No one buys a lawn mower or a snow thrower or even a power washer if they don't have an immediate need for one. They should be aware they could potentially be stuck with something that might be in a repair shop for a month or longer before it's even seen a minute of productive use if they are foolish enough to buy it from Menards.


You don't need to post here to educate people on Menards return policy. They have signs all over the power equipment area informing people that gas powered products need to be taken to a service center for warranty repair. Too bad most people choose to ignore them.


In theory you're correct MR. Anonymous, but I have not encountered even one person who realized Menards had this policy for their gas-powered equipment and I've informed over 1700 people to date and counting.

My only intent is to inform people so that they can make an informed decision.

I still shop at Menards but now I choose not to buy any gas-powered equipment. Sears, Lowe's, and Home Depot have a better customer return policy for these devices.


Lesson here is that when you buy Earthquake products, you are throwing your money away. Had the same experience when I bought an Earthquake Edger in June - recoil spring for the Starter pullcord broke the second day.

Menards washed their hands of the unit; Earthquake had me take it to one of their authorized repair shops who took a month to repair. Brought it home and used it, same problem the next day. Throwing this POS in the garbage and buying something else.

Warn your friends.


I am a cashier at one of the Wisconsin stores. If you had enough sense to read the reciept, it clearly states that we don't help you after you have put gas in the unit.



This is YOUR fault. Not ours.


While you are an individual, using the word Retard and Ours in the same sentence says that Menards calls people retards. Never shopping here again.


Pretty sure you're the RETARD thats why you're a cashier at menards..just sayin...


I just went through the same nightmare of a gas tiller that is deemed unrepairable for the way it operates and sent on a wild goose chase by Menards managers and when all was said and done. they told me too bad. the service center said it was the design of the thing and could not be fixed But that I should have bought a mantas


My advise would be to go back to the store and (calmly) ask the hardware department manager for the name, address, and phone number for the service center in your area that that covers warranty repairs for this manufacturer. Skip the returns desk and talk right with the department.


Thank you for your input. I have been in contact with the manufacturer since day one.

The rototiller is at the manufacturers recommended repair center. But this doesn't changed the fact that if any person buys a gas powered product from Menards, then realizes the unit is not right for them or the intended use, it can not be returned because they put gas in it.

Most of us would test drive a car before we bought it. Menards return policy states, once you use it or put gas in it, they will not except it for return or exchange.


OK, the manufacturer told you their warranty is to repair a defective item...get it repaired. If you don't like that warranty you should never have bought it in the first place.

Don't expect the retailer to take the loss. Sure they told you that it is up to the retailer to decide to give you a refund or not. I bet if you told them you were going to hold your breath, turn blue in the face and pass out if Menards didn't give you a refund,they would say that would be up to you.

The moral to the story is that you should check out the warranties on products BEFORE you buy the product as well as return policies of the stores you shop at, they are all posted and available to you. Don't cry foul because you didn't take the time to look.


You're a glass half empty kind of person aren't you Mr. Menards employee. I was civil with my posting. I continue to shop at Menards, I just know better than to buy gas powered products from there. I never complained about the warranty, so I don't know why you're ranting about that.

I did my online research of the product and it's warranty. I wasn't aware of Menards exception to the return policy for gas powered equipment until it was too late. Lesson learned.

As it was stated in the originally submitted complaint, "I simply want consumers to be aware of the exception to Menard's return policy for gas powered equipment so they can make an educated decision".

Of over a thousand and counting people who I've reached via bulletin board postings at work, at local watering holes, on facebook, and on websites, not one person "who's not a Menards employee" knew about this return policy. Everyone of them has been grateful for the shared information and stated they also will be sure not to purchase gas powered products from Menards, it's still their choice, but know they know.

I continue to look for other avenues of reaching people so everyone will be aware of the policy. I personally enjoy starting up conversations with perfect strangers in the Menards gas equipment departments, where I show them my Menards receipt, which has the gas powered return policy printed, (this information would have been helpful before the purchase). Not one person I've spoken with was aware of the policy, every person has been very thankful for the information. What follows next is almost always a discussion of where their going to next to shop for petro fueled equipment. I'm just sharing Menards policies with the public BEFORE they buy the product.


I would like to add the manufactures warranty would also cover it going to a repair shop if you did not cause the issue; Menards should have told you that. Overall I don't feel sorry for you.

It's posted all over the area by the tillers and mowers what the policy is an on the receipt. ONCE GAS IS PUT INTO ANY PUSHED GAS EQUIPMENT IT MOST GO TO A REPAIR SHOP IT CANNOT BE RETURNED TO THE STORE!

Like Justice1982 said this is the manufactures suggested return policy. The reason for this is because many people mess up gas powered equipment because they're clueless about it and then the company loses money to ignorance.


Unless you visited every Menards aroung the country, you cannot presume to know that the gas powered equipment return policy is posted all over the department. At the Muskegon, MI Menards it is not posted anywhere in the rototiller, power washer, chainsaw, or gas trimer isles.

It is however posted in the push lawn mower isle (I wasn't buying a lawn mower), but this posting is being used as a prop for Menards fliers, covering up the policy statement. The return policy for gas powered equipment is not listed on the web pages containing the descriptions and information for the gas powered machines. You have to look for it in the Services page, under return policy, then read the exceptions to the return policy.

How is a person supposed to tryout a gas powered machine without putting gas in it?

The Menards web site does not provide reviews so you can see what other customers thought about a product.

This means you have to buy the machine on faith. Then, if the machine does not perform up to its expectations, too bad, it's yours because Menards will not stand behind its gas powered machines.


Sigh... Every DUMB@SS says "how is a person suppose to know if it works with out putting gas into it".....

It's not up to Menards to know that either. They did not make the machine, the manufacture did. And believe it or not Menards has have had manufactures walk away from them because they accepted to many returns on their items.... Every reputable manufacture would prefer to deal with you, not Menards!

Want to know why? BECAUSE THEY MADE THE ITEM AND KNOW WAY MORE ABOUT IT THAN MENARDS. You have any idea how many people mess up their gas powered equipment because they're clueless about it? From my experience it's at least 33% if not as high as 50%.

Menards put this suggested return policy in place to protect themselves from IDI0TS! It's all on the manufacture if it does not work; they're also more likely to know if it's a consumer caused issue or a real defect on their part.

Menards does not have to take back any item just because you want them too.

This is all on the manufacture, if it's not a issue you caused it will be covered under their warranty. It doesn't get any simpler than that.


Did we hit a nerve?

No reputable car dealer would make you buy a car before you test drive it. The law also allows you to return the car even three days after the purchase.

That's even with gas added....!

It is up to Menards, as a retail supplier, to stand behind what they sell. It's their reputation on the line first.


I work as a department manager for a retail store not i know how returns work, if a defective gas powered unit is returned, menards should take it back because its NOT the consumers responsibility to have to have it repaired, and also you say the manufacturer made the item not menards...DUH! But menards doesn't repair tbe defective item it just gets shipped back to them (manufacturer) if it's defective anyway, so i honestly don't know what your point with that was.

Where did you pull that 33% and up to 50% figure?? Out of your *** Which is it? Since menards feels like it's acceptable to put this on their customers to deal with a defective item they sold and not just return it and ship it back to the manufacturer like most customer oriented businesses do nowadays then they will be next with rapid store closures when people start going to more reputable stores like home depot and lowes.

Enjoy your cashier job. Might come in handy when you're working at family dollar